How to Get Weed Smell Out of a Car


The best way to keep the weed smell out of your car, it is best to get out of the car to smoke. However, if you don’t get out, you should know how to get weed smell out of a car. With these awesome tips and tricks, you’ll never have to worry again.

Air Fresheners

Get loads of car freshener. This might sound like a generic solution to the problem at hand, but they are actually very effective. Just buy three packs of car fresheners and leave them in the car with the windows
rolled up. The car should not be running at this point. Let the fresheners do their magic for a day or two.

When you finally open the car door, the smell will be gone for sure.

Air Cleaners

For strong weed smells, ozone generators are the best option. However, they don’t come cheap. So, it is
more cost effective to rent them when you need them. But, if you are a serial in-car smoker, buying one
will make more sense. All you need to do is leave one ozone generator in your car for an hour. Depending
on the strength of the weed smell in your car, you might need more time in some cases. The ozone
generator releases ozone gas, which reacts with the odor-causing molecules in your car and breaks them
down. This is in fact a standard method used by car detailers.

Baking Soda

Buy baking soda boxes, and place them in various locations in your car. Give it 2 to 3 days’ time. That
should give the baking soda enough time to work its magic. The soda bleaches the air of the odorous


Coffee is quite aromatic, and its aroma can save you. To be sure, this is a messy solution, but it is highly
effective. Loosen your pockets to get some strong, expensive, and great-smelling coffee. Take the ground
coffee and sprinkle it all around the car. Let the coffee work its magic over a whole day. Now go back to
your car, vacuum, and voila! Your car smells like coffee. You can’t be pulled over for drinking coffee in the

Pet Odor Removers

Have you ever considered pet odor removers? Yes, they exist and you should be thankful for them. Animal
urine and feces can stink up a vehicle big time. Naturally, there are solutions in the market that come to
the rescue of the pet owners. But, you can use these pet odor removers to solve your own “little” problem.
Buy a high-end pet odor remover, follow the instructions on the box, and your car will soon be free of any
weed smell.

Now that you know how to remove weed smell from car you’ll be cruising in a fresh ride. Just make sure to keep it fresh!

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