How To Hide Weed In Your Car


It doesn’t matter if you just started smoking or if you’re a certified pro, you need to know how to hide weed in your car. It’s easy to think of spots when you aren’t under the pressure of being caught, but when are, you start to think of the worst spots. Putting yourself in the mind of other people is key when stashing any of your product. Not only do you have to physically hide it from your parents, roommates, or friends. You also need to worry about the smell of the weed. With the information in this post, we hope that you will find one or two new spots that will become your regular spots for hiding all of your goods.

Weed Stash Containers

Over the past couple of years, and with technological advances, this problem has gotten much easier to deal with. Not only do we have more knowledge on how to get rid of smells in a more efficient way, new products come out each year to not only hide the smell of your product and pieces, but to protect them also. Here are just a few tools that have been proven to contain the endless aroma of your favorite buds.

Smelly Proof Bags

Smelly proof bags are great for covering up the smell of even the loudest bud out there. These bags are thin and you can stash them away in more places than the usual stash will fit. with each bag being priced pretty cheap, you can’t go wrong. These come in different sizes, from little dime bags, to large 1 lb bags that fit the perfect amount of weed. These bags are found in smoke shops worldwide or purchased online for cheaper!

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are an oldie but a goodie when it comes to stash containers. You can throw all of your pipes and your bud inside of a mason jar. Protect the your glass from breaking by lining it with some foam. These jars work wonders for keeping the strong odors inside and keeping your buds fresh. This stash idea is on top of our list because almost every household has a mason jar tucked away somewhere. Like the smelly proof bags, these are found everywhere. You can buy multiple mason jars at a time for cheaper, and it’s a great gift idea. They come in multiple sizes and you can decorate or paint them easily.

Hidden Stash Cans

Getting their name from being cylindrical in shape, stash cans are a very popular option when it comes to hiding your weed in your car. If you go to your local smoke shop or online, they normally offer a range of stash cans and objects. Example stash cans include lint rollers, Pringle’s, soda cans, and everyday household items. They will trick almost anyone who comes into your car! The list of objects available are endless and they keep coming up with new ones everyday. Here’s a list of popular stash cans available online.

How To Hide Weed In Your Car

Hiding your stash is important and in extreme situations, your life could depend on it. There are many spots you can hide your weed but the key is being creative with it. The examples listed below aren’t the only ones that are available and I strongly suggest to build on the idea’s provided below and make your own. 15 minutes now can save you months in jail. If you think of some great spots, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list! Using Smelly Proof Bags will help condense the size of your weed to something that’s more manageable and easier to hide and slip into smaller spaces.

Hiding Spots Inside Your Car

  • Inside your gas cap (Make sure it’s sealed!)
  • Spare tire slot in the trunk.
  • Behind car panels.
  • Inside the engine compartment/under the hood.
  • Under the cup holder or middle compartment.
  • Stash can in a pile of mess (Some people have messy cars, take advantage of it).

Thanks for reading “How To Hide Weed In Your Car”! I hope that you’re successful and that you’ll never get caught with weed on you! If you have any favorite stash spots that we haven’t mentioned, please leave it in the comments below for other subscribers to enjoy.

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Happy Hiding!

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