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How To Make Potent Cannabutter


Knowing how to make potent cannabutter is important because cannabutter in found in most edibles. It’s the cannabutter that determines the strength of the edible. Using the following method will make sure you get every last drop of THC out of your cannabis. Although it does take longer to make potent cannabutter this way, it sure is worth it in the end.

Although pot brownies are the most popular choice, you can use this potent cannabutter in anything that calls for butter in the recipe.

The easiest way to make potent and perfect cannabutter is with the Magical Butter Machine.


Cannabutter After Product

Tools Needed

  • Cheesecloth
  • Strainer
  • Baking Sheet
  • Tinfoil
  • Storage Container or Butter Mold
  • Spoon

How to Make Potent Cannabutter

  1. Start by finely grinding your cannabis, the finer the better, then spread evenly on baking sheet and cover tightly with tinfoil.
  2. Place baking sheet in the oven at 230°F for 45 mins. This turns non-psychoactive THC-A molecules into psychoactive THC.
  3. In a double boiler melt the butter and spoon out the foam that forms on top. This clarifies the butter and makes it easier to absorb all the THC.
  4. Now add the cannabis to the clarified butter along with 1 tablespoon soy lecithin per stick of butter used. Soy lecithin is an emulsifier which helps the THC absorb into the butter faster and more efficiently.
  5. Keep at a full simmer for 30 mins. If it starts boiling, you’re burning off precious THC. Turn down the heat. Keeping under 250°F is a good rule.
  6. Turn off heat and pour into a storage container and freeze overnight.
  7. The next day, melt your butter on low then strain out the cannabis using the cheesecloth and strainer.
  8. Store in air tight container in fridge up to 60 days or freezer for up to 6 months.
  9. Congrats! You have cannabutter that is up to 15x more potent than just throwing it the batch of brownies. When baking, keep the temperature as low as possible and you’ll cut the chances of burning off excess THC.

Using a Magical Butter Machine for Potent Cannabutter

The Magical Butter Machine was made specifically to make cannabutter and oil. You’ll always use the correct temperature for an ideal amount of time. You definitely won’t waste any cannabis when using one of these.

When using a Magical Butter Machine to make potent cannabutter simply add the butter, cannabis, and soy lecithin and press the start button. It’ll let you know when it’s done and you can pour out the butter or oil while the Magical Butter Machine strains the cannabis out.

With 4.5 stars on Amazon with 100+ reviews, the Magical Butter Machine is definitely worth it if you make cannabutter regularly.

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  1. ArtlessDodger on

    Is a stick of butter 1/4 of a pound? Four tablespoons soy lecithin for a pound of butter? Butter doesn’t come in sticks here so I don’t know for sure how many are in a pound. Just want to be sure!

    Also it is necessary to freeze over night or is fridge okay? If freezing is necessary why? Thank you.

    • Yes, a stick of butter is a 1/4 pound. Also, it isn’t necessary to freeze overnight although I have had better results when I do.

  2. I had not informed myself re: soy lecithin until recently and I’ll be doing a new batch of butter really soon! My question is this: I have inventory of Canna.Coconut oil butter in my freezer – will adding soy lecithin increase the bio-availability now? I expect so!

    Thanx for your post!

  3. how is it possible to keep the temperature of the butter/cannabis mixture between 230-240 over boiling water, which is 212?

      • Step 3: In a double boiler melt the butter and spoon out the foam that forms on top. This clarifies the butter and makes it easier to absorb all the THC.

        It doesnt explicitly say to use oil, but thats how to do it.

        if you have water in outer shell of the double boiler, then it will limit the temperature of the butter, water will boil away taking heat with it. If you put oil in the double boiler instead, you can get higher temps and you dont get water condensation, which is a bonus

    • Decarboxylation happens even at the temperature of 212f when you boil it. Suggested boiling time to decarb is 90 minutes. All of these people thinking they are so smart, and pointing out that people using this method MUST bake the MJ are very mistaken. Yes Baking it IS one way, but not the only way LOL. I always skip the decarb process and it works out just fine. I have not noticed any difference between methods.

      • DROK, since you skip the decarb, do you simmer or boil your butter? ..and, do you increase the time to 90 minutes rather than the suggested 30? thanks(;

  4. I had previously made canna butter via a basic crock pot method and had it tested. I then came across your technique and tried again to see if I could get a better result. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but I used the exact same trim as my crock pot butter and followed your steps exactly as they are written and the resulting butter actually tested at a lower potency than the butter I had made in the crock pot. Any thoughts?

    • I’m sorry about your bad results. The most likely culprit is the temperature. If it got to high the THC can burn off and if it’s to low the THC won’t be transfered to the butter as quickly. Also, you might just need to let it simmer longer. I can’t imagine why it would result in a lower potency other than the reasons I’ve given. If you continuously check and adjust the temperature accordingly your results should be much better! Let me know what happens.

  5. I’m not new to making cannabutter. I’ve tried several ways, including purchasing an MB2. My question is using the MB2, do I still need to decarb? Also the directions that came with the MB2 say not to break up the herb, just to drop all in the canister. Also it says, 1 tablespoon of lecithin per batch not per stick of butter. In step 5 when you say no it time to use the MB2 is that after I have followed steps 1-4, because it’s all contradicting. Just want to know the best way since I’m not a scientist nor have the capabilities of testing the results other than eating it.


    How much sunflower lecithin to use, per batch/stick?
    Do I still decarb before us of MB2?

  6. I will find out 4 sure about the de carb .??? but I think you are good 2 go with your system 🙂 check this out in the meantime — but I will get back with info 4 u my friend

  7. Nora Borgstrom on

    I just made a batch of canna utter using the formula of 1 telson lecithin per each stick of butter, I used 4 sticks and 4 tblspns of lecithin with 1 oz weed, never used lecithin before, yuk, what I got was 1 cup butter that was strain able and the rest was a pile of thick gunk that looks like poop, smells ok, what happened?

  8. “Also, it isn’t necessary to freeze overnight although I have had better results when I do.” …i thought the freeze step seemed superfluous .. which is why i wish you would have expanded your comment a tad – better results? in what way?

  9. I forgot to cover my herb before decarbing and then covered for the final half. How will this effect the potentancy?

  10. i decarbed ground up 7g swag, 7g prem in a glass jar by boiling it in boiling water for 90 minutes. Then melted 1# unsalted butter in top of my dbl boiler (stockpot 3/4 of water/4qt glass bowl on top) Added my herb once the foam accumulated on top. Tossed in my herb and stirred. (I wanted to try a no-water method) Checking it, using a metal spoon to scrape side and bottom. Temp 170. Will do the freeze method and strain.
    My question: my foam is a nice tan color, my butter glossy green. Is it ready for cooling and freezing?! Also i didnt have soy lecithin amd came acrosss this item while searching for best temp

  11. I’ts easy for me. I just half the recipe because:

    1) Our butter EVERYWHERE is in bricks of 500g (2 of your sticks);
    2) 4 Tbs becomes 2 Tbs of Lecithin;
    3) Water 1 1/2 Cups
    4) Herb 1/2 Oz = +- 15 grams
    5) 1 Tablespoon on Buchu (…Don’t get the dry, brown processed kind, but the green leathery leaves. Pharmacies and legal Buchu has been processed to extract the “high” element/feeling out of it. EXTRA KICK! We get Buchu both ways as it is indigenous in South Africa…but you should be able to get it from a Rasta Herb Dealer. They’ve got LOTS of roots, sticks, tinkers etc.
    6) Try “Rooibos Tea” as you choice of tea…very healthy! It is exported to other countries as well.

    One question…why NOT *Salted* butter?

    • Different manufacturers use different amounts of salt. Master bakers, such as myself, will always prefer unsalted butter because it allows you to control *EXACTLY* how much salt is in your finished product.
      I find it easier to find an East Indian market and buy a large (4 pound) can of ghee(clarified butter) than to take time to clarify it myself.
      I use a three unit crock pot for three days on the Warm setting. I generally use an oz (28gr) of weed to a pound (500gm +/- )of ghee, coconut oil and food grade vegetable glycerine, each in its own pot.
      I stir with a bamboo spoon twice a day.
      Third day I strain out the oils and tincture from what I call the sludgies. I save the sludgies for personal use, since they add a little power, but don’t much enhance the flavor of my personal favorites. They do add fiber, which is a good thing, I guess, lol.
      The glycerine tincture can be vaped, mixed into drinks, flavored to use as sugar-free syrop or eaten from a spoon.
      I hope this is helpful.

  12. BLOODY HELL!!!!! It (1 Teespoon) feel like I OD’ed!! That’s way to strong!! Did exactly as you said…BUT NOW WAY! THAT’S WAY TOO STRONG! 1/2 TEESPOON NEXT TIME!.I stopped smokin weed 30 years ago and NEVER felt it potent like this!

  13. SHEIZE!!! I’m not sure if it is the Buchu leafs I added, but this buzz is blowing my mind! I’m taking a quarter teaspoon next time…this is truly way too intense to function “normally”. I’ts like every action you do, is done on instinct, almost being controlled by something do things and wonder why you do it? You cannot remember giving yourself the instruction to do anything. You just DO things. It’s weird! Don’t want to feel like this for too long (already tried chewing peppercorns 🙂 ). Hell NO!, I cannot remember that THIS is how it used to feel. 1/16th of a teaspoon next time.

    Guys, I’m not kidding. I’m typing this while tripping! A little smaller dose next time might be the sweetspot…THIS what I feel has gone beyond the pleasure threshold into the un-pleasurable. As I come down again, I get closer to the pleasure range.

    I MUST get the dosage right.

    I don’t know WHAT made this extremely potent, but guys, take my word, begin with SMALL amounts. I took a heaped teaspoon in some pea soup and around 30 minutes it started. It kept buzzing more and more. I think I’m at the peak right now and will be glad if these feelings can ease out a bit back into the pleasure range.

    I think I shall watch Star Wars until I fall a sleep….

    Guys…be warned, this stuff is POTENT!…at least for me!

  14. It feels like I’m getting better control of my thoughts…like I’m becoming more in charge of my head. Hope I will be able to function well in my head before leaving for work at 06:15! Still watching Star Wars. I keep thinking how easy it is to type on my keyboard without really missing the correct key…despite functioning on instinct. I think Oxycodone feels far nicer. I will NEVER be able to drive or do anything normal feeling like this. WOW!

    • Frederick Hochkile on

      Keep some form of CBD around for folks who cannot handle the dosage. it turns it into a body high and they will probably fall asleep which is better than freaking out.

  15. I eat a Vienna and baked beans, but it’s I just do it. It’s like my mind is not aware of eating, my body functions on it’s own…not my mind. The best way to describe it is…you’re are on auto pilot. Your body animates on instinct. It’s like your body controls your mind and do things what it (body) wants, and your brain must just accept it…you do things (like drinking water, and your brain follows along. I can’t believe I can actually type! I MUST go to bed because of work, but my body wants to keep going, while my mind want to go to bed.

  16. Goodness, it feels like: “then-you’re-sentient, then you’re not”. It’s like fading in and out and in and out of awareness. But I’m feeling better as time goes on…but still going down to the nice sweetspot. I don’t want to feel like this again. This is not the feeling I remember when I smoked 3 joints a day 30 years ago.

  17. I ate the 1 heaped teaspoon of cannabutter at 18:00 this evening, and still on a 60% high. That’s almost about 4 1/2 hours ago. Still not sleeping. Don’t like the feeling in my head when I close my eyes. This is what we used to call it a “downer”.

  18. It’s 05:36 In the morning and I’m still high,,.about 15%. I still want to sleep. Time to go to work.

  19. Guys I decided to book in sick and stay at home…I’m back to normal, but seriously this stuff is potent! I made it according to the recipe as in the video except for 2 things…I forgot to cover herb with tin foil during it’s 45min decarb and I added just a few Buchu leaves, and only 15 ml (ONE TABLESPOON) of Soy Lecithin and my cooking time was 90min. My brother and I did not wait overnight before using. I (the cook) just left it in the fridge until butter was solid, drained the water of and added ONE heaped TEASPOON in each of our Pea and Herb Instant Soup…and BOY!…30min later the high started and it increased in intensity over 3 hours to the point of being too much. “Downer”, not “Upper”! My brother’s high started as expected around 2-3 hours. I think the reason why I got my high quicker is because I had a gastric bypass surgery resulting in the soup working much quicker in my much shorter gastric tract. I remember the surgeon telling me to cut any alcohol dosage by half as it would metabolize much quicker as people with normal gastric tracks, or else I risk alcohol overdose.

    Guys, this stuff WORKS! Just be careful, too much result in a DOWNER (No pleasure). Start small and increase dosage (in small amounts) every hour until you start feeling it and then STOP! The high will still increase. Keep note of your optimum dosage.

    P.S. My Lecithin came in gel capsules (1200mg per capsule). I cut the tip off and squeezed the contents in one of those measuring plastic 15ml spoon. The stuff that came out was semi oil-gummy consistency. I used 1/2 less Lecithin as in the recipe but note this:
    Decarb and Lecithin is IMPORTANT! It makes for a killer high. I think my 1/2 pound CannaButter is going to last for months! Also, I demanded THE BEST quality herb from the dealer as I threatened cutting his throat if he sell me crap herb. I must say, he brought me 20g of best quality knobs, not leaves. 🙂

  20. Goodness guys, I took 1/3 flat teaspoon (like what’s on the knife’s blade in the picture) of my CB at 07:00 this morning. Again about 30min I started to feel it again, but not as bad as last night. I felt the effect until about 18:00 tonight! I hope I did not brew a poison by adding some Buchu leaves.

    Buchu is not poisonous when boiled in water and consumed as a tea. My forefathers put it in brandy and it cured all kinds of ailments.

    But, this CB I made is POTENT!! It’s NOT the same feeling when smoking a joint, that’s for sure! So far it’s a “Downer”…both days so far…I miss the “Upper” high!

  21. Ghee is by far the best and fastest way of using clarified butter. Why mess around with separating the butter from the milk solids? Have you done this? Burning the butter is all too easy. Brown butter, although tasty- goes to black butter really quickly. Bad taste. NO THC!

    The best way is to decarb in the Nova Decarb device- then Magical Butter Machine. And use GHEE! It’s clarified butter from India. yum. you can get it almost anywhere!

  22. If I have a 6g of cannabutter cookie (in one cookie ). How many mg of THC does this cookie contain?

  23. Mandy Wilson on

    I still think low heat for hours works best .. I did it the stove way and Crock-Pot way… This way is honestly way too complexed for something that does not need to be difficult

    • One of the major benefits of consuming cannabutter is its potential ability to relieve troublesome symptoms. Studies have shown that cannabutter, or cannabis in general, can help alleviate chronic pain. This includes pain associated with arthritis, stress or anxiety, and other various types of pain.

  24. I wouldn’t use the lecithin again. It made a gummy mess that I couldn’t strain. Wasted half of a batch. Bad idea. Be forewarned. Otherwise good directions.