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Buying and Using a Closed Loop Extractor


A closed loop extractor is an essential tool if you’re making big amounts of BHO. Your returns will be higher, you can save your butane, and your BHO will be purer and taste better. A closed loosed extractor can be used with butane, propane, and Co2; each making for a different tasting end product.

Buying a Closing Loop Extractor

Closed loop extractors come in a variety of different sizes and prices. On the low end, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars in order to extract an ounce or so. On the high end, you can pay tens of thousands of dollars to do huge runs of pounds at a time.

When buying a closed loop extractor you will want to pay attention to the features and accessories that are included. You may also want to pay attention to the quality of the gaskets and thickness of the steel, however, if you’re buying a closed loop extractor from a reputable business such as Best Value Vacs or Mr. Extractor, you won’t run into any problems.

Passive vs Active Closed Loop Extractors


Closed Loop Extractor Accessories

After buying your closed loop extractor, you may need or want some accessories to go along with it. These closed loop extractor accessories will make it easier to make a better end product.

Shatter Platter

The shatter platter is the area your dab is going to end up. Most closed loop extractors come with one but you may want to upgrade to a better a one. You can get a shatter platter that allows you to add dry ice or another refrigerant in order to cool the dab quickly and make for a better end product.


Having a few hoses is essential when using your closed loop extractor. You’re going to need one for connecting your recovery tank, on for your refrigerant tank, and one for your vacuum pump.

Teflon Tape

Teflon tape is essential to make sure you have a tight connection everywhere and prevent leaks. Simply wrap it around the male end of all of your connection points.

Condensing Coil

Using a condensing coil will allow you to do multiple extractions faster and at a colder temperature. You can attach one at two different parts during the process. ___

Recovery Tank

Having a recovery tank is essential if you want to continue using your butane or propane. Some extractors may come with one but most do not.

Sight Glass

Having a sight glass isn’t essential but it does allow you to see the extraction happening. You’ll know how fast you’re going and how much is left.

Dewaxing Column


Using a Closed Loop Extractor



get cold

course grind weed

put weed in

attach refreg tank


close valve

turn pump off

open valve

vacuum butane back to tank

get dab



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  1. Cannabis industry professionals regard closed-loop extractors as one of the least dangerous ways to extract cannabinoids. Hydrocarbon solvents are flammable, pressurized gases. In a closed-loop system, there are no opportunities for leaks if the equipment is maintained and operated at the appropriate standards.