How to Germinate Weed Seeds - 5 Best Ways to Germinate Weed Seeds

How to Germinate Weed Seeds


The first step in growing weed is to germinate your weed seeds. Learning how to germinate weed seeds is very easy and at the same time, crucial to growing the best plants.

The 5 methods of germination we are going to cover are:

  1. Planting Directly
  2. Rockwool Plugs or Cubes
  3. Paper Towel
  4. Germination Station
  5. Soaking

What Causes Weed Seeds to Germinate?

In order to germinate weed seeds correctly, you need a combination of heat and moisture. Getting these two factors correctly will mean for a healthy plant.


Keeping the seeds warm, but not hot will make for the fastest germination times. In nature, seeds start growing in spring so you may want to imitate those temperatures.


Seeds should be moist but not wet. If seeds are left soaking wet for longer than a day or two they may mold, rot, or become damaged. Using the soaking method is an exception because no air is coming into contact with the seeds.

Are My Weed Seeds Viable?

Before you waste time on seeds that won’t grow, there are a few things you can do to test their viability.

Direct Plantation

Planting your seeds directly into the growing medium is the oldest and most natural germination method. We don’t recommend planting them directly because…

Rockwool Plugs or Cubes

Rockwool plugs or cubes are my favorite way to germinate weed seeds. The cubes can be purchased cheaply on Amazon and protect your seedlings almost perfectly.

Paper Towel

Using a couple paper towels is my second favorite way to germinate weed seeds and is the method I used when I was first learning how to germinate weed seeds. Paper towels just seem to keep the right moisture levels with letting the seeds rot. The trick is to not move the seeds move around once they’re in between the paper towel. To re-wet the paper towel it’s best to mist them with a spray bottle.

The trick is to not move the seeds move around once they’re in between the paper towel. To re-wet the paper towel it’s best to mist them with a spray bottle.

Germination Station – Best Way To Germinate Weed Seeds!

As the name suggests, a germination station was made for germinating seeds and is the best way to germinate weed seeds. They act like little greenhouses by keeping the warmth and moisture in.

A germination station is best used in combination with Rockwool. Mold is harder to prevent without the proper air circulation.


This method may sound a little crazy because I said too much water is a bad thing. But the thing is, mold can’t grow without air contact. So submerging a seed completely can be a good thing.

Now that you’ve learned how to germinate weed seeds, please share this tutorial with your friend and if there’s something we missed let us know in the comments below.


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