Making QWISO Hash Oil | Easy QWISO Hash Oil Tutorial

How to Make QWISO Hash Oil | Qwiso Tutorial


QWISO hash oil is a very simple way to make a cannabis concentrate. QWISO stands for Quick Wash in Isopropyl alcohol, which is exactly how you make it. This QWISO method is simple, affordable, and there’s no minimum amount of cannabis needed to make it, unlike making Butane Hash Oil or other hash making techniques.

How to Make QWISO Hash Oil

Qwiso Hash: QWISO Method FreezerBefore you can start this QWISO method you’re going to need a few items:

The first step is to put the isopropyl alcohol and cannabis in the freezer overnight, the colder the better. Freezing will make for a purer end product allowing for less chlorophyll and more resin extraction but is not necessary.

Before extracting QWISO with stems, leaves, or buds, we need a container to do the wash in. I like to use a mason jar because it’s glass which means I can scrape dabs off and I can use the lid to hold the filter.

Breaking up the cannabis beforehand will allow for more surface area to come into contact with the iso but you don’t want to grind it too fine or you may end up with little pieces in your end product. If making QWISO with stems, I typically won’t grind or break them up.

Qwiso Hash: Making QWISOThe next step is to pour the alcohol into the mason jar with the cannabis. The amount of time the alcohol is in contact with the cannabis is essential. The more time it’s in the jar the less potent your end product will be but the more you will get. Keep in mind that you can do this process multiple times with the same cannabis.

I like to do 4 washes of 20 seconds each. The first batch will be the best and lightest in color and close to being a “QWISO Wax”.  As you do more washes it will get darker and taste harsher.

Qwiso Hash: Straining QWISOAfter each wash, pour the alcohol solution from the jar into the small pyrex dish while straining out the cannabis with the mesh screen. To further refine it, you can filter it with an unbleached coffee filter or cheesecloth but you will lose some product into it.

Purging QWISO Hash Oil

Now that you have your QWISO solution, it’s time to purge it. You can just let it sit out in the open and wait for it to evaporate naturally but you’ll probably be waiting a day or two. That is why I like to put the small pyrex dish with the solution into a bigger one filled with hot water.

Using hot water instead of direct heat is important because you don’t want any cannabinoids to evaporate or an open flame to set the alcohol on fire.Qwiso Hash: Purging QWISO

Once the QWISO is solid and can’t be lit on fire with a lighter, you can scrape it out of the dish with a razor blade and start smoking. I like to wait an additional 24 hours before smoking to allow for moisture to evaporate and to be extra safe.

Understanding QWISO Potency

Qwiso hash oil is a type of cannabis concentrate that is known for its high potency. The average qwiso hash oil has a THC content of between 60-80%, making it one of the strongest types of hash oil available. However, the potency of qwiso hash oil can be affected by a number of different factors, including the quality of the starting material, the extraction method used, and the age of the qwiso hash oil. As a result, qwiso hash oils with a THC content of over 90% are not unheard of.

For those looking for an extra potent qwiso hash oil, it is important to do some research to find a product with the desired strength.

Mistakes When Making QWISO Hash Oil

One of the most common mistakes people make when making qwiso hash oil is using too much heat. During the extraction process, it’s important to maintain a low temperature in order to preserve the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes. Using too much heat will not only result in a lower-quality product, but it can also be dangerous.

Another mistake people make is using an inadequate amount of plant material. In order to produce a high-quality qwiso hash oil, it’s important to use at least an ounce of bud.

Finally, people often don’t properly filter their qwiso hash oil, leading to a cloudy and impure final product.


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  1. You sure can!! I’m sure u may get 1-2% return
    But at best the oil will be a really nasty edible goo .
    You can’t make chicken soup from the chicken shit senario

  2. Isopropyl hash oil should not be confused with butane hash oil (BHO), which is a similar product but is made using a different extraction method (butane extraction rather than alcohol extraction).