The Best Weed Storage Boxes, Containers, and Jars


How often have you found out that your cannabis has turned brown and all crumbly with a choking smell? This is a usual misfortune that happens to many cannabis growers and users. This is because weed that is not stored correctly is dried out by air and affected by light. But properly stored cannabis can last up to 2 years. Most people will mistakenly store cannabis in plastic baggies. While this works if you need to store the cannabis for a few days, the stash will go bad after a week or so. So what is the best way to store cannabis correctly?

Weed Storage Boxes

Having a box or humidor to store your weed is preferred by many due to its ability to regulate humidity better and because some natural wood taste tends to permeate into the weed.

Weed Storage Containers

These are specially made containers that are air and light proof. They are made from food-grade stainless steel. They will also come with a humidity pack to maintain the humidity at a cannabis-friendly 62% level.

Weed Storage Jars

This is by far the simplest and most cost-effective way of storing marijuana correctly. Glass is impermeable, meaning that no moisture or air can get through it. It is also non-reactive and inert, so it does not release any chemicals that would affect the taste and smell of stored cannabis.

The commonly available mason jar will work perfectly, whether it has a screw-on lid or a flip-top. But the ones with a silicone or rubber seal work best because they keep the cannabis airtight. Some people will use dark colored jars. While this keeps away the light, it is not necessary if the cannabis is stored in a dark place.

Vacuum Sealer

Cannabis experts say that a vacuum sealer’s strongest advantage is that it makes it possible to store the cannabis in an airless environment. This is very important as even the little air left in a glass jar will react with the cannabis in the long-term. While many vacuum sealers work with plastic, which raises concerns of BPA chemicals, the wide-mouth jar attachment sealer will work with glass jars to make the perfect storage space.

Storing Your Weed Correctly

It is important to observe a few storage tips even while storing cannabis in these storage containers. Some of them include:

Store in a cool place

Heat is damaging to cannabis as it dries it out. It can also encourage mold growth that can be risky for cannabis smokers as mold spores cause respiratory problems. But avoid storing in a very cold environment like a freezer as it can make trichomes fall off.

Correct humidity levels

The ideal humidity level for cannabis is 62%. Beyond this, the moisture encourages mold growth. Below this level, the cannabis dried out and becomes brittle.

Store in a dark place

Light damages trichomes which hold the THC containing resin. Storing cannabis correctly is done by keeping it in a dark place or using opaque containers.

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