How To Roll a Blunt: 4 Easy Steps | A Beginners Guide

How To Roll a Blunt: 4 Easy Steps


So you want to learn how to roll a blunt. Maybe you’ve heard Snoop Dogg rap about blunts or you have some friends who swear blunts are the way to go. Blunts are awesome for social smoking situations because they are easily shareable and much larger than joints. They are also very easy to blow smoke rings with. We’re going to teach you how to roll a blunt and some tips and tricks to getting the perfect blunt roll. 

Either way, by the end of this tutorial you’ll know the best way to roll a blunt, the best papers to use, and the pros and cons of doing so.

how to roll a blunt

How to Roll a Blunt: Choosing a Blunt Wrap

You have two options when it comes to the blunt wrap in 2022. You can either use a cigar or a cigar wrap. Both normally come in a pack of 2 and in an assortment of flavors.

Cigar Wraps

Cigar wraps are the easiest to use and are my favorite blunt wrap. In each pouch, you’ll find two tobacco leaves wrapped around a straw and a plastic film wrapped around the outside to keep the leaf moist.

Cigar wraps are easier to work with than cigars because they aren’t dried or cured yet. My favorite are Zig Zag wraps but Juicy Jay’s and Platinum are also pretty good.


Cigars are the most common and convenient way of getting a blunt wrap. You can find them at most gas stations and convenience stores and are normally filled with cheap tobacco.

My favorites are Swisher Sweets and Zig Zag. The main drawback to using a cigar as a blunt wrap is that you have to break it down first.

Breaking Down a Cigar

To break down a cigar, first find the cigar’s vein. Wetting the end of the cigar where you put your mouth may help you find the vein and will help when you start spitting the cigar.

If it’s your first time rolling a blunt, you should use a knife or scissors to split the blunt cleanly.

Otherwise you can use your two thumbs to gently tear it apart along the vein. Carefully remove the cheap tobacco and you’ve broken down a cigar.

how to roll a blunt

Preparing The Cannabis

A normal blunt will be filled with about .5g to 1g of weed. When preparing weed for a blunt you want it to be ground fine for a slow burn.

A neat trick to get your weed ground finer is to use your multi-part grinder upside down so the weed doesn’t fall into the lower chamber, or you could just use a finishing grinder.

You also want to make sure you don’t leave any stems in the weed. Stems will puncture and rip the blunt wrap pretty easily while you’re rolling.

They also burn hotter than the bud, leading to harsh smoke and uneven burning. Breaking up the buds with your hands to remove the stems before you put them in the grinder is the best way to prevent them from ending up in your blunt.

How To Roll a Blunt: 5 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve prepared the blunt wrap and weed we can finally learn how to roll a blunt. The tighter you roll a blunt, the longer it will burn. A blunt will burn for 10-30mins, depending on how tight you roll it.

Step 1: Start by holding the blunt wrap in your non-dominant hand.

Step 2: Pack the weed evenly in the wrap with your other hand.

Step 3: Roll the weed in the wrap without tucking in the edge to pack it tight. This makes it easier to roll a tight blunt.

Step 4: Lick the gum strip/edge with your tongue or wet it with a q-tip.

Step 5a: Starting on the mouth end, tuck the edge of the wrap under the weed with your fingers and roll up. Continue to roll and tuck until you reach the other end of the blunt, sealing the blunt as you go.

Step 5b: Starting in the center, tuck the edge of the wrap under the weed and roll up. Continue rolling and tucking outward until you reach the ends, sealing the blunt as you go.

Drying and Curing the Blunt

Not that you’ve rolled your blunt it’s probably wet from your saliva. Simply take a lighter and dry the blunt with the flame. Be careful not to get it too hot where you see steam or burn the blunt.

Some people also like to cure their blunt in the oven for 45 mins at no more than 240 degrees otherwise, you’re burning your weed. And that’s not how to roll a blunt.

Curing a blunt in the oven decarboxylates the weed and may even make it burn longer.

Storing a Blunt

Blunts can be harder to store and transport than joints. With a blunt you have to worry about it drying out too much and cracking.

Most people will use the ziploc pouch that the wrap came in but they can be hard to keep 100% airtight. An airtight jar or doob tubes work best for keeping them safe. If you want to roll a bunch and keep them for later, I suggest using a cigar humidor with a humidity gauge built in.

This specific doob tube has a cool lighter function built in. This keychain lighter comes packed with additional uses and it can be taken pretty much anywhere since it is waterproof and smell proof. 


Pros and Cons of Smoking a Blunt

Smoking a blunt is condemned by a lot of stoners because you are mixing weed and tobacco. If you have health problems or are worried about the harmful effects of tobacco, you should smoke a joint instead.

However, after smoking a blunt you’ll feel less lethargic and some say they’re better for creative thinking.

When smoking the blunt, be sure to invest in a roach clip. Roach clips make it super easy to smoke the entire blunt rather than wasting the last half inch. 

  • Bigger Than A Joint
  • Don’t Have To Keep Lighting It
  • Tobacco Lifts You Up
  • Roll And Save For Later
  • Tobacco Is Harmful
  • Tobacco Taste
  • Ashes
  • Smells Strong

Now that you’ve learned how to roll a blunt, go and practice. It’s going to take time before you master how to roll a blunt. Once you do, all your friends will be calling for you to roll a blunt for them.

If you’ve mastered how to roll a blunt and want to learn more about sploofs, click here to read our article on How to Make a Sploof.


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