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How to Make Hash 7 Different Ways


Learning how to make hash is easy and a relatively cheap way to make a concentrated form of cannabis. These 7 methods for making hash will turn you into a master hash maker.

What is Hash

Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis made from trichomes(aka kief or resin) that are found mostly on the plant’s flower buds can also be found leaves and stems. The average THC potency of hash is __, compared to 50% for kief, and 15% for buds.

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Bubble Hash

If you want potent and pure results then this is, one of the easy ways of making a hash that you must utilize. You will utilize the ice water filtration that will help you separate the resins from the rest of the waste material. Then you can simply blend and dry it for the further storage. It will provide you with the hash that will easily get you high and make you the man of the gathering that you are about to attend.

Bubble Hash Bags

You might find this method a little costly because you will have to buy some bubble bags. These bags allow you to separate different the real resins from all the other impurities that might be present. Thus, once you get the leaves that are supposed to be utilized. All you have to do is let them dry, process them and then store it properly.

Making Hash from Kief

The best way to compress trichomes into hash is to use a hash press. Making bubble hash, dry ice hash or hash from kief is impossible without one.

Choosing a Hash Press

Screening Trichomes

In this method, all you will need is a flat screen and something that will allow you to gather the hash when it passes through the screen so that none of it is wasted. All you have to do is adjust the screen on the glass and then pull all the parts of the plants across the screen with the help of a card.

The first layer that you will get will have the top potency level. However, the hash you get might not be as pure as you want.

Choosing a Screen

Hand Rolled Hash

If you were wondering how to make hash the easiest and cheapest way? Then hand rolled hash is for you. Although it requires a little more time, energy, and produces less, it’s definitely fun to make.

Make sure that the plant you are using is properly dried. Now place the buds in your hands and rub. After some time, the buds will take the black color and they will turn into small balls. This is the hash that you will love to smoke.

How to Make Ice Hash

In this procedure, you can utilize the hash making machine that can be any blending appliance that you come across in your kitchen. All you have to do is:

Blend the ice cubes and the cannabis in the cold water

Let it blend for 1 minute

Wait till the mixture turns out into a green color and it should be frothy

Now pour this mixture into the filter and then you can store it in a jar

This method is utilized to make most of the hash. It is not only the easiest method but you can use it anytime without making any mess.

How to Make Dry Ice Hash

It is one of the simplest methods of making the hash. All you have to do is soak the plant in the ice-cold water. Make sure the filtering procedure is done properly so that you will get the hash that you want.

In this process, the active components that you require will be hardened and as a result, you can separate them from the impurities that become a hindrance in your hash. It is the method that is often utilized in many of the bars and other product manufacturers.

How to Make Hash with Isopropyl Alcohol

Iso hash, aka QWISO, is made using isopropyl alcohol. Simply wash your cannabis in the alcohol for 10 seconds and let it evaporate for 24 hours.

Butane Hash Oil

Butane hash oil, aka BHO, is a little bit more complex to make than the other methods on this list and should only be attempted after learning how to make hash using those methods.

To go more in depth into making BHO check out our tutorial: How to Make Butane Hash Oil if you’d like to learn more.

Now that you’ve learned how to make hash 7 different ways I hope you’ll be smoking some in soon. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.


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  1. The potential benefits of hash oil are similar to those associated with marijuana. Hash oil may trigger a sense of euphoria and help to treat nausea, pain, and inflammation. Since hash oil is more potent than other forms of marijuana, its effects tend to be stronger as well.