How to Make Weed Moon Rocks


Weed Moon Rocks, Cannabis Caviar or whatever you want to call it is actually the most powerful source of weed you will ever consume. You might have gotten some moon rock weed from a close friend, or you might be among the privileged ones who have gotten some great cosmic kief-covered bud at a legal dispensary. This delightful cannabinoid-rich concoction’s power is determined by the strengths and synergies of the mixed ingredients.

A normal moon rock weighs in at around 50 percent THC and every moon rock comes with varied levels of result depending on the strains utilized, terpene and cannabinoid concentrations as well as the almost immeasurable synergism between the flower, hash, and kief you select. In addition, if you use products with a little bit of CBD; you can actually boost the experience with CBD’s coveted muscle- relaxing properties. At the moment, moon rocks are all the rage and you can get them pre-made virtually anywhere in legal cannabis states.

In spite of their name, Moon Rocks aren’t gotten from the actual rather; the origins are a bit hazy. The credit may go to the rapper Kurupt, who turned cannabis mogul and trademarked a line of Moon Rock called “Kurupt’s Moonrock.” If he didn’t concoct them, he undoubtedly helped put them on the map.

Weed Moon-Rocks is considered the most powerful cannabis products in the world and now you can make your own, just by taking cannabis buds and super-charging them into high gear with the inclusion of hash oil and kief. Here are a few tips to help you make your own weed moon rock.

  • Glove up and pick out the buds you want to make into weed moon rocks and put one of them in the glass or stainless steel bowl.
  • Coat the bud with several drops of cannabis honey oil making use of the small paintbrush to rub a thin covering uniformly across each one until it’s entirely covered in oil.
  • As soon as the bud is coated in oil you can cautiously sprinkle some of the dry sifted kief over the bud. Make use of the tongs (or chopsticks, or spoon) to roll the oil-covered bud around in the kief until it’s completely coated. Replicate this action for every bud you’ve chosen to make into weed moon rock.
  • Since you’ve covered your oil-coated bud with kief you can actually move it to a sheet of parchment paper for it to harden for a few hours.
  • As soon as the freshly made moon rocks or cannabis caviar has had time to heal on the parchment paper for some time you can either start enjoying them or put them in a glass container for safe storage until you’re all set to take off to the moon.

Candidly, weed moon rocks are the most potent form of cannabis you’ll find anywhere. The reason for this is quite obvious, a lots of people claim that this combination creates a product with 51.2% THC. Which is a great deal of THC that just a puff or two could potentially send even the most seasoned pot smoker sky high.

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