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Top 17 Cool Weed Accessories to Own


Top 17 Cool Weed Accessories to Own

All of the weed accessories you’ll need for the stoner lifestyle.

Stashlight Doobtube and Lighter

Talk about a dual use joint holder. The Stashlight combines a waterproof doob tube with a wind resistant lighter.Stashlight Weed Accessory The entire tube is waterproof and smell proof, meaning you can take this anywhere you go. This sleek modern metal tube is super strong as it’s made from aircraft aluminum. Don’t let your joints ever get smooshed again. This is a must have weed gadget.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are the core of any stoner’s arsenal. Lightweight, and portable, you can roll a nice fatty anywhere you find yourself with just a little skill. We love Raw rolling papers. All natural paper and gum, 100% unbleached hemp. Only smoke the good stuff.  No messing around with glue that doesn’t stick, or paper that tears all over the place. These are the best we have rolled with hands down. 

LightersBic Lighter

Unless you have mastered producing fire from the snap of your fingers you are going to need a lighter. There are so many shapes, so many sizes, but you just can’t beat a bic. While these are durable and  dependable, your friends will steal them. It is a fact of life, bics are the most pocketed lighter in the world, so pick up a few. If you’re looking for cool lighters look no further.



Lighter Leash

If you want to keep your friends from thieving your lighter, a lighter leash is your best friend. This lets you use your lighter to about a 3 foot circle around you, and never lose it. And they make some really cool cannabis themed ones.  Now you can carry a lighter, not lose it, keep your friends from stealing it and show your stoner pride all at once!





Eye Drops

It’s a fact, weed makes your eyes red, and can make you look tired. Eliminate red eyes with Rohto eye drops. They come in a variety of cooling strengths for your weary eyes, and takes out all of the red fast. You can use them everyday without irritating your eyes, and making the problem worse. Rohto eye drops are the only brand I buy, and have bought for 15 years. They are simply the best.


Debowler Ashtray

If you are like most people you smoke your cannabis. Eventually, you will inevitably find your self needing an ashtray for your joint, or a place to cache your bowl. Don’t get that old glass ashtray from your grandmas house, get a debowler. Made of quality materials, this ashtray comes with a spike in the middle to make cleaning out your bowl a breeze!

Hemp Wick

Maybe you aren’t a fan of using butane for your bowl. We get it. Why add any chemicals to such a beautiful plant? Hemp wicks are just the thing for a stoner with such fine tastes.  100% hemp, coated lightly in beeswax. Just light the end and use your wick to light your bowl for a clean, butane free taste every time.



Hemp Wick Lighter 

If you are into using hemp for smoking your weed, you will love this. This is a case that snaps over a bic mini lighter and has a spool of hemp wick in the bottom, just light the lighter briefly, and feed out the wick with ease. This is an absolute must have if wick is your way.


Storage Container

whether you spent good money on your buds, or you invested the time to grow your own, you will want to protect your stash. The best way to do that is a water proof, smell proof, uv resistant container line this. Dont mess around with tiny jars that require tweezers to get your bud out. Get this sweet storage solution and keep your stash smelling great for months.



Stash Safe

Keep your stash safe and sound in plain sight. No more burying eighths in the yard, or getting into your drop ceiling again. This sweet stash safe is totally discrete, and a great way to hide your weed. The best part about this Aquafina brand water bottle is there is water inside. This totally sells it, and keeps your stash from being sold.



Rez Blocker 

If you are smoking the best out of your bong or bubbler, you will know how much gunk can get stuck inside, making your piece smell gross, and taking away from the experience of smoking the best buds around. Rez blocker makes that a thing of the past by adding just a little bit to your water, it keeps all sorts of smell crud from sticking to your favorite glass.


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