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5 Best Weed Gadgets in 2022


Modern-day weed gadgets have changed the world for all the smoke enthusiasts. With the not-so-recent wave of weed legalizations, you’ll find many tools designed to make your life easier as a cannabis consumer. If you’re an OG weed fan and can do it all blindfolded, some new weed gadgets could still spice things up for you. Not only does the experience improve with them, but they save your time and effort too! So, let’s get into the 5 best weed gadgets in 2022.   

The Best Weed Gadgets

5. The PuffCo Peak Vaporizer

There’s nothing more appealing to a weed enthusiast then a well-designed vape, that looks sharp and works like a charm. The PuffCo Peak Vaporizer checks all the right boxes, with its sleek look and impressive performance.

The PuffCo Peak only takes twenty seconds to heat up and get ready, unlike some other dab rigs that can take minutes. It features four different heat settings, which enable it to satisfy vaping needs of all sorts; from beginner to pro. If you’re in the market for a water-filtered vape, you can’t go wrong with this choice!

4. Dynavap M

If you’re looking for a battery-free vape to avoid the charging hassle, the Dynavap M has got you covered. It works with a lighter, and hits like a truck!

The Dynavap M has got crowds of fans that are ready to swear on its performance and durability. It’s super handy, built to last, and beautifully designed. There aren’t any compromises on performance either, as the airflow is fantastic too! To make it sweeter for the buyers, it comes with cool accessories like the pretty wooden case!

3. Incredibowl Pipe

As the witty name choice suggests, this product is an ‘incredible’ pipe that’s here for all your weedy needs.

The Incredibowl Pipe is another option for those vape lovers who can’t handle having to charge their battery-oriented vapes regularly. With this product, you get a full-on vaping experience packaged into a finger-sized badass looking pipe. With materials like bulletproof polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminium being used, you don’t have to worry about durability either.

2. Smoke Trap 2.0

The Smoke Trap 2.0 is the newest air filter from the company, featuring a super long filter life and smoother airflow. The upgraded HEPA filter can last for over 300 uses, which is an industry-leading spec! Smoke Trap is especially proud of the snug fit they’ve achieved through the new rubber mouth seal with a tighter leak-proof fit.

It’s highly portable, as the super slim design lets it fit anywhere easily. With no clips to worry about, just slide it in and out of your pocket whenever you need it! With replaceable cartridges, you’d not only save the planet, but your money too!

best weed gadgets

1. Stashlight – Doob Tube and Refillable Lighter

If you’ve chosen to buy one of the battery-free vapes mentioned above, you’ll need a lighter and a doob tube to go with it. For absolutely no compromises on any feature that a lighter could possible have, go for the Stashlight

It’s smell-proof, water-proof, and even wind-resistant. With a form-factor of the size of a finger, you’ll always have it in your pocket! Your pre-rolled weed can’t find a safer place than inside this water-proof stashlight. With a thoughtful (removable) keyring included on it, you’ll never forget your lighter in the car again!

weed gadgets doobtube

Final Thoughts

Game-changing cannabis products that enhance your smoke sessions can excite any weed lover. In this article, we’re focusing on products that do not only work without a hassle but also introduce new and innovative ways of doing regular cannabis things. In 2022, for each one of your weed dilemmas, there’s an innovative product out there to deal with it.  We’ve picked out five of our favorites in this list of 5 best weed gadgets in 2022. Hope you find them useful – all the best!  

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