The Essential Marijuana Growing Supplies and Equipment

Essential Marijuana Growing Supplies and Equipment


Are you starting to grow weed indoors? Here is a comprehensive list of the equipment you need to grow the best buds possible. Indoor growing doesn’t have to be complicated. This list contains only equipment we have used, and recommend. You can get what you need without the hassle of endless research, and never have to worry if it will work.

If you are new to growing, great! Welcome to the community. Here at are here to help you every step of the way. If you need equipment recommendations, you will find nothing but the best options for your grow below. These are all of the products that we have used and produced killer results with.

Grow Lights

When it comes to grow lights, there are three options: LED, compact fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium. Each type of grow light has it’s advantage and can vary greatly. I have gone through and hand-picked some of the best grow lights available for sale today.

LED Grow Lights

The latest generation of grow light is Light Emitting Diodes or LED lighting. The Idea here is instead of blasting your plant with a wide spectrum of light that spikes in either the red or blue bands, you just send the color bands the plant needs, and at a lesser, lumen count. This leads to a more efficient grow in terms of energy usage, and less heat to deal with. Some indoor growers have had issues getting buds to finish all the way off with these, and opt to use LED in Veg and HPS in flower. I suspect those that have had issues with LED are hanging them too high, or simply not getting proper coverage for the number of plants they are trying to grow.  It is better to have two 300w panels than to have one 600w panel, as you can arrange your panels for better light distribution.  Here are our favorites.

LED 300w
LED 600w
LED 1200w

Compact Fluorescent Grow Lights

For those that can’t use traditional HID lighting, such as an HPS system, but still want to throw a ton of light, these are a great option. These compact fluorescent lights come ready to go with a reflector and socket so you don’t have to worry about wiring your own.

CFL125w Great equipment for supplemental lighting, or baby plants.
CFL250w Use this size for your main grow light if you are going CFL.

High-Intensity Discharge Grow Lights

The traditional grow light equipment is a HID light, and for good reason, it delivers awesome results for growers every day. The most common type of this equipment is the HPS or High-Pressure Sodium Light. The right light depends on your setup, size, and goals. Remember as always, two smaller lights are better than one big light so that you get the best coverage and light distribution possible.

HPS150w A great entry level light for smaller grows, supplemental lighting, or for younger plants not quite ready for the spotlight of larger lights.

HPS600w No Hood If you have a large, open grow that stays cool you can get away with having a 600w without a hood. Be careful if you plan on using your lights in a closet or other small space as things can get hot quickly if you don’t have a hood to vent.
HPS600w With Hood If you are growing in an enclosed space, ventilation will be very important, and if you want to pull the heat away from your plants, you will need a hood around your light to hook up an inline fan to. This is just the thing to keep your small to medium closet grow nice and cool.

HPS1000w with hood You won’t be happy until you recreate the sun in your grow room? Well here is where you start. 1000w is the powerhouse of HPS equipment and loved by growers everywhere. Add a grow bulb with a good complete color spectrum and you are ready to produce football sized buds with these powerful lights. All of those lumens do come with some heat, which needs to be dealt with.  This light comes with a hood that allows for good light distribution and still allows air flow over the bulb to cool it.

If you want to grow weed indoors, you should try to emulate nature. These lights are nice because they come with a Metal Halide bulb for vegetative growth (~6500k) and a High-Pressure Sodium bulb (~2700k) for flowering.  This provides a spectrum of lighting closer to what the plant would experience in nature as the season changes so you can give the right color of light at the right time.

Light Timer No matter your lighting equipment you will need a timer to simulate day and night, this is a nice heavy duty solution. Don’t cheap out when it comes to electricity and high amperage circuit loads. The fire risk is not worth saving $5. I have found my plug scorched at the socket when using the cheap version, learn from my mistake. Stay safe friends!

Growing Medium

Seedling Soil

This is a great ready-made soil that doesn’t have as many additives as a soil designed for mature plants. That makes this a great pick for your young seedlings, less fertilizer to burn your baby plants, but it still has additives for micro herd health to get roots going strong.

Soil / Dirt

You want the best results with a ready-made soil? This is my top pick for an easy to use soil base for established plants. I like to cut it with 5% vermiculite and 20% perlite. But that is all to your liking. This soil has enough nutrients to get most plants about 3-4 weeks without needing further fertilizing. Just PH balance your water and you are all set to grow indoors!


Perlite is an inert volcanic glass that has tons of surface area and helps with drainage and texture of your soil mix. This is important so we prevent root rot, and promote a healthy root system.


Vermiculite is added to the garden or vermiculite in potting soil to increase water and nutrient retention and aerate the soil, resulting in healthier, more robust plants. Perlite may also be found in potting soils requiring more drainage, but vermiculite is far superior for water retention.

Coco-Moss soils are a superior alternative to peat moss. It absorbs 33% more water to prevent root rot and take any guesswork out of watering. By being pH neutral and improving aeration,

SuperMoss soil is ideal for adding a little fluff to your soil while adding water retention.

Grow Containers

Root Bag Grow weed indoors with the right equipment starting from the ground up with root bags. Made from recycled fibers they make sure you never rot your roots or drown your plants. The permeable fabric lets your soil breath and air prunes your roots. This makes them

Grow weed indoors with the right equipment starting from the ground up with root bags. Made from recycled fibers they make sure you never rot your roots or drown your plants. The permeable fabric lets your soil breath and air prunes your roots. This makes them spilt more often and gives you a much healthier root bundle. Great plants start from a great foundation like this.


Ventilation and Scent Control

Inline Fan If you choose one of the High-Pressure Sodium lights above that to come with a hood, you will need an inline fan to go with it, and with all indoor grow setups proper air flow helps with happier stronger plants. This fan comes with a speed controller and has plenty of power for small to medium indoor grows, especially if contained.

Air Duct Air duct that pairs with the inline fan above, as well as the vent hoods from the HPS lights above.

Wall Mount Fan Keeping air moving around your grow room helps weed plants grow nice and strong. The more you can imitate natural conditions the better. These are great for moving air around larger spaces.

Standing Fan If you can’t wall mount, or just have a smaller space, these are great too.

That should be enough equipment to be able to get a weed grow going. Once you have seeds on hand, I like starting them in a germination station so I can keep them warm and moist to get your seeds to crack their shell and stick out the taproot. This germination kit helps with just that.


Nutrients and PH Balancing

GH Liquid PH Kit Throughout your indoor grow PH balance is crucial. This is the industry standard for adjusting your PH in watering and feeding solutions. This kit comes with a small sample vial, and PH testing solution this will work well starting out but can be frustrating later on as it calls for a qualitative interpretation of the color rather than the exact number of your PH.

PH/ EC Pen PH and EC pens are essential for accurately mixing your water and nutrient solutions.  Get a quick easy to read measurement of exactly how strong your nutrient solution is. These things are worth their weight in gold. We recommend these because you can calibrate them anytime, and you want to keep them as accurate as possible.

GH PPM/ EC Calibration Kit If you are going to have a PH meter, you need to be able to calibrate it. This is the kit to get that done.

Vegetative Nutrient If you want to build the strongest plant you can so you have a large, strong structure for fat buds then this is the stuff for you. We have seen great results with this stuff. Botanicare does not run as ‘hot’ as some others and is derived from natural ingredients.  This is a complete nutrient, so it is a perfect solution for your indoor grow.

Flower Nutrient Once you have spent that time building nice plant mass to support your big juicy buds, you will want to help them keep going strong with a flowering nutrient. This is Botanicare’s nutrient and Is my pick for flower. Give your plants what they crave so they can make the fattest buds for you.


Soil Additives 

You may want to boost up your nutrient program to get the absolute best that you can, Botanicare has a great selection of additives, and my favorites are below.

Clearx is a salt leaching and pre-harvest flushing solution designed to remove the buildup of nutrient salt deposits your grow media this can be helpful if using an aggressive feeding schedule and helps buds swell and get sticky at the end of flower.

Sweet all natural mineral supplements contain a unique combination of simple and complex carbohydrates for your plant to use as energy for the stickiest, tastiest buds possible. Sweet provides stress-free transitions and hearty, fruitful crops.

Sweet Raw contains select carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, amino acids, and esters to push your plant to the limit.

Cal/Mag is a specialized calcium, magnesium & iron, plant supplement designed to compensate for deficiencies in some commercial nutrient programs.

Silica Blast helps strengthen plant tissue allowing plants to flourish in adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought, and frost.

Fulvex is a liquid trace mineral extract that chelates nutrients and amplifies uptake. In simple terms, this is steroids for your plants. Be careful and start with weak nutrient solutions and work your way up.

Grow Tents / Room Equipment

Grow Tent

If you don’t have a room or closet to convert into an indoor grow room, this is the equipment solution for you. A grow tent makes life easy when growing weed indoors as it comes designed to help with airflow, and is light sealed. This is one I have used, at 4ftx4ft  it is a great size for the at home indoor grower, and adaptable to several indoor grow styles.

Complete Small Grow Box

Ready to grow, but only looking to have a couple of plants?  Prefer more of a set it and forget it approach? This is the perfect indoor grow equipment solution for you.  This little grow box has everything you need to get a nice soil cannabis grow going, and would be awesome for SOG, or Scrog style grows.  You won’t be producing pounds, but this is a great place to get used to grow your own dank pot.


If you are converting a space to grow in, reflectivity is huge for proper light distribution and efficiency. Mylar is the way to go for light reflection if you are not using the sheeting for walls of an indoor grow cabinet.

Panda Poly

If you are making a custom indoor grow box or standalone grow room you may want to use Panda Poly for your walls. This is 5.5 mm thick and quite durable. Black on the outside for light proofing and white on the inside for light reflection.

Hand Tools and Growing Equipment



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