How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Step By Step Guide


The first step to growing marijuana plants is to germinate cannabis seeds. Its essential to understand how to germinate a cannabis seed for growing. We show you how to germinate a marijuana seed with our easy to follow guide with visuals. We all know that, in the long haul, growing your own marijuana garden is usually cheaper than continuing to purchase your medicine at the local clinic or cannabis dispensary. It’s time consuming and tricky, but here’s the first step to getting those plants to boisterous beauties: seed germination.

However, you can’t guarantee a 100% turn-over rate, but here’s the best way to germinate those marijuana seeds.

Before you get started, make sure you have anti-bacterial soap, a shot glass, water, seeds, and if you’re using multiple strains, masking tape and a marker. If you use tap water, make sure to pour a large pitcher and let it sit for a full day prior to using it (that chlorine and other stuff will evaporate from the water during that time, mostly).

1)      Take a shot glass and fill it with water. Soak a single seed in the glass for about 24-30 hours. It does not need light but does need warm air, moisture, and darkness. So put it somewhere that is consistently warm and cover it to keep it dark (like a dark glass over the top).  Note: a temperature of 75-85 Fahrenheit is optimal.

2)      Check your seed after the time period. If it has sunk, go onto the next step. If it has not, clean your hands and try stirring the water; sometimes, water bubbles get trapped and prevent it from sinking. If it still floats, leave it for another 8-12 hours.

3)      Take whatever you prefer to grow plants in and put it in a cup, like a red Solo cup. Make sure there are draining slits in the bottom of the cup for the water. Put the seed in the soil with the “knot” of the seed facing the top. Don’t put it more than ¼ inch in the soil and then water.

4)      Place in a humidity container, something with a dome that will keep the humidity the same and warm. Put a small grow light above it and set the timer for about 18 hours.

5)      Over the next 2-5 days, make sure the medium stays moist, but not wet. Usually you do not need to water it again until about the fourth day. The seedling will usually sprout within a few days, but may take up to 11 days.

6)      Wait until the seedling broke grown and leaves are visible. Take it out of the humidity container and move it to a nursery where it can bloom under a good 16-18 hour garden cycle.

Pretty simple, right? Good luck with the rest of your marijuana garden!

Check out this video for some more growth information below.


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