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How to Know If You Have the Best Soil for Cannabis?


Using the right soil is crucial in growing healthy cannabis plants. After all, it is where your plants get their nutrients from. But choosing the best soil for cannabis can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. There are just so many different types to choose from – from branded soil mixes to potting mixes sold in your local nurseries.

As a beginner, how then will you know that what you have is the best soil for your cannabis plants?

Does the soil drain and retain water well?

Cannabis thrives well on soil that has good drainage ability. However, it also needs soil that retains water, so nutrients aren’t washed away when you water them.

So take a look at your plants. When you water them, does the water pool on top, or does it drain too quickly?

Feel its texture. Is it light and loose or dense and compact?

The best soil for cannabis should have a good balance between its ability to drain and retain water. Loam soil, for example, contains a mixture of different soils such as clay, sand, and silt. Sand allows good drainage, while silt and clay stabilize the plant and allow water retention. Loam soil is also rich in oxygen, minerals, and nutrients.

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What is the soil’s pH value?

The best soil for cannabis should have a pH value that ranges between 5.8 and 6.3. Too high, and the soil becomes alkaline. Too low, and the soil becomes acidic. Either way affects the growth, health, and quality of your cannabis plants as they mature. Incorrect soil pH levels prevent the roots from absorbing nutrients and minerals and will ultimately result in nutrient deficiency.

So get your pH tester or buy a testing kit from your local nursery and check your soil’s pH value. If it’s more alkaline, you can add compost to the soil to make it more acidic and nutrient-rich. If it’s too acidic, you can add ground limestone or wood ash to make it more alkaline. Of the two, wood ash works faster, compared to limestone.

Is your soil nutrient-rich?

The best soil for cannabis plants should be nutrient-rich. Fortunately, most store-bought soil mixes already have a rich amount of nutrients in them. But what you may not know yet though is that your plants will deplete your soil’s nutrient and mineral contents as they mature. By the time your plants start flowering, the nutrients from these commercial soils would have been depleted.

To prevent nutrient deficiency and ensure healthy growth and development, you can add organic substances to your soil such as compost and guano. The helpful microorganisms in the soil will convert these organic substances into the minerals and nutrients your soil needs to “feed” your plants.

Buying excellent-quality cannabis seeds is important if you want to grow premium plants and flowers. But all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t have the best soil for cannabis. So before planting, always check the quality of your soil and make sure that it will be perfect for your cannabis seeds.


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