How To Build Grow Room Step By Step Guide And Save Money

How to Build Your Own Grow Room For Growing Cannabis


Marijuana grow rooms are preferable to outdoor gardens for several reasons: you can control the humidity, temperature, and lighting; you control the growing medium, water, and insects. Plus, it’s more discrete.

How To Build A Grow Room For Marijuana?

Online, you can buy complete marijuana grow room kits (like the one on the left). Or you can pick and choose the materials best for your environment.

how to build grow room

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First, you need an enclosed area. This can be a bedroom, closet, or tent (right), and it has to be tall enough to allow for adult marijuana plants. You’ll want the entire surface area of the walls to be covered in a reflective surface to allow the light to be reflected all over the marijuana plants, optimizing growth and harvest. It can either be simple white paint or Mylar, a reflective sheeting material that you can duct tape to the walls.

Now find out the temperature of the room. Marijuana grows best in temperature between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Since lights and humidity will increase the temperature, consider whether you need an air conditioning unit, fan, or heater. After your grow room is set up, recheck your temperature to make sure it is optimal.

Next, consider humidity. Marijuana likes 40-60% humidity. Simply use a humidifier or a dehumidifier if necessary to keep the room the perfect shade of damp and dry. A circulation fan is important as well. If there are only a few plants, circulation can come by simply opening the door to check on your plants, but to maintain a good temperature and humidity, a fan is recommended.

Grow Lights For Cannabis

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Light is one of the key-factors for optimal marijuana growth—obviously. Make your grow space completely light free from external sources. Simply use something like caulk, tape, and cardboard to block the nooks and crannies of a grow room.

Now, invest in a good grow light system. It should hang above the plants and be adjustable in height. It is best to have a programmable timer on the lights, because you never know when you will be out of the house. Some growers prefer to use the LED light panels, which offer red and blue spectrum light sources and minimal heat.

CO2 dispenser

This is optional, but it makes your marijuana crop flourish. A CO2 dispenser, like a bag or bottle, really amps up the growth process of your plants. They need it to do photosynthesis, a natural part of plant life. Being in an enclosed area really limits the amount of CO2.

Now it’s up to you to take care of your plants, either in a hydroponics or soil-based garden system.

Have you built your own grow room? There isn’t just one way to build a grow room; feel free to comment below and share your way.


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