How to Grow a Personal Marijuana Garden -

How to Grow a Personal Marijuana Garden


Thinking about starting your very own personal marijuana garden? Learn from experts who have been growing cannabis for decades. Many medical patients prefer to grow their own marijuana gardens rather than shelling out the dough at their local overpriced clinic. Growing Marijuana is as simple as growing any other plant, to an extent, but it does require extensive care during its growing phases.

Cannabis Seeds For Your Marijuana Garden

Collect the proper Marijuana seeds and make them germinate by soaking the seeds in a wet cloth or paper for at least 24 hours. Maintain the moisture level properly and don’t over soak them. Sometimes over soaking may lead to decay of seeds, so maintain the moist level properly until the seeds germinate. You can even plant the seeds without germination process but to get healthy Marijuana it’s always advised by experts to germinate them first, and it usually raises the chance of success of growth.

Once the germination process is over, plant the seeds in sterilized soil to avoid parasite attack. The composition of soil is more important as it’s always advised to choose soil with more acidity content. (For some examples of growing supplies like soil and lighting, check out our Growing Supplies list.)

Grow Lights For Cannabis Garden

Once planted, concentrate more on the plant quality by maintaining proper UV lighting, fertilizing with more eco-friendly fertilizers, allowing proper ventilation, maintaining humidity & temperature, and watering properly to keep the plant alive and healthy. Nutrients are also very, very important to get a healthy and robust yield.


If you live in a humid place then you don’t need to water the plant as often, since the external humidity itself will give enough watering. Check the moisture levels in the soil before adding water every time so you don’t overdue it. Always make sure you don’t have much chlorine content in water, if you have use some extractors to separate chlorine from water.

Avoid Harmful Pesticides

Don’t use high concentration pesticides which will damage the plant and, eventually, you (and the taste is kinda yucky, too). Always be careful while selecting a pesticide and use them with sprayers to properly spread along the plant completely. Check your plant often to make sure it grows properly.

Pruning Cannabis

To max out your plants potential, you must prune the top of the plant to give appropriate sunlight to other branches. Pruning will help your plant to grow faster in a natural way. Simply clip the top leaves every now and then so that the sunlight is able to trickle all over the plant—or you can line UV lights on the side of plants rather than the top, so that it spreads across the plant evenly.

After about two months of growth, you should be ready to harvest your plant! It varies depending on the marijuana strain, so make sure you research the strain of the seed.

Curing Marijuana Properly

In order to give proper taste to your home grown Marijuana, you need to follow the curing process. The curing process is as simple as that of growing process. Pull out the plant with roots and dry them completely by keeping the hanging in the sunlight. Make sure you are hanging them upside down so that the moisture won’t stay on the plant, and that other debris will fall out of the nugs.

After 24 hours, cut the Marijuana leaves gradually and keep them intact in a glass jar with some paper wrapped over the leaves to maintain dryness. Don’t use air-tight jars. Keep proper airflow to avoid them from decaying. Keep checking the jars daily until you get an acrid aroma from the jar. This process will take at least a week to give the acrid aroma.

Now your home grown Marijuana is all set to cure your aches and pains.


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