Kush Strains 101 - Types of Kush Strains and Kush Names

Kush Strains 101 – Types of Kush Strains, Kush Names and Pictures


Welcome to the ultimate guide to types of kush names and pictures to help you become good buds with your bud.

You’ve probably heard about the popular and potent kush strains like OG Kush and Afghan Kush.

Beloved by many people, different types of kush strains get their name from their origin in the Hindu Kush mountains mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India.

Many believe that one of the first kush strains brought to the United States was Pink Kush.

This super strain created in the mid-to-late 1970s by GW Pharmaceuticals and UBC Professor David Suzuki has been bred to become most of the kush strains we know today.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much some of these types of kush cost, check this out.

But without further adieu, check out these types of kush names and pictures so you know what you’re looking at and don’t get clowned the next time someone tries to big league you.

kush names and pictures

Kush Names and Pictures Table of Contents

Medical Properties of Types of Kush Strains

Kush strains are a subset of cannabis indica, which will tend to give you a body high and make you tired.

Kush tends to be one of the strongest strains out there, thus making it a good choice when looking to relieve severe illnesses. Kush is does it’s best job at relieving stress and pain.

Some illness kush is good at relieving include: depression, insomnia, PTSD, headaches, severe muscle pain, M.S. and many more!

Read more to get a glimpse into kush names and pictures showcasing their glory.

og kush

When it comes to marijuana strains, there are countless names and varieties to choose from. Kush strains have been around for decades and have gained quite a reputation in the cannabis community. With distinct flavors and effects, kush strains are known for their relaxing and euphoric qualities.

Some of the most popular kush strains include OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Master Kush. Each of these strains has its own unique flavor profile and aroma, making them easily distinguishable. To truly appreciate the beauty of kush strains, it’s best to see them for yourself. Check out some of the best kush names and pictures and start exploring the wonderful world of cannabis.

OG Kush

OG Kush makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its popularity, its origins remain a debatable mystery.

Popular myth maintains that Chemdawg and an indica Hindu Kush parented OG Kush, passing on the distinct “kush” bud structure we see in many kush names and pictures today. Other theories throw Lemon.

Thai genetics into the genetic mix, but no one can say for sure how this iconic strain came into existence. There are many different phenotypes of OG Kush, some of which include Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Alpha OG.

Whatever its true genetics may be, OG Kush is commonly described as sativa-like in its euphoric and happy effects that combat stress and anxiety.

It has an earthy pine scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants.

With OG Kush, patients most commonly cite improvements in migraines, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders. It has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks with moderate yields.

blueberry kush

Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush is a strong indica strain that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation, helping patients forget their pain and relax.

Originally from Oregon, this strain is a hybrid of Blueberry and OG Kush, which is evident in its fresh berry aroma with notes of earthy herbalness. This indica is best for evenings or before bed.

afgan kush

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush’s roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, but this potent indica has since traveled far from its homeland. It’s one of the most common buds you can find amongst kush names and pictures.

Revered for its heavy resin content and heavily sedating effects, Afghan Kush is a top choice for anyone looking to relax after a long day.

lemon kush

Lemon Kush

The general consensus surrounding Lemon Kush is that is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. However, breeder specific variations exist.

Alien Genetics, for example, explains their Lemon Kush as a hybrid between Lemon G, a prized strain from Ohio, and an Afghan Kush.

The genetics are the only area of dispute as everyone will agree that the sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix exceptionally well with the earthy types of kush undertones.

The light green buds are covered in a white frosting of trichomes and provide uplifting and creative effects.

Lemon Kush is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour.

orange kush strain

Orange Kush Strains

Orange Kush was bred by Green Devil Genetics and is the child of Orange Bud and OG Kush. It eases the body into relaxation while lifting moods with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor.

This strain is resistant to most pests and mold and has long, dense buds with many orange hairs and trichome crystals.

mango kush strain

Mango Kush Strains

The Mango Kush marijuana strain tastes similar to the the actual mango fruit, with a distinct type of kush flavor, and hints of pine on the exhale. It’s buds are covered with orange pistils and are described as very dense.

The plant has an average growth height of 4-5 feet. Flowering is 9-11 weeks and is a favorite with both indoor and outdoor growers.

The buds have thick shiny trichomes which are evident when the bud is broken apart.

The smell and taste are the same and described as mango and banana. THC content has been measured up to 16% and CBD at 0.3%.

pineapple kush strain

Pineapple Kush Strains

Pineapple Kush marijuana strain has an aroma of pineapple with accents of caramel and butter. The flavor is described as a subtle sweet pineapple taste with a mint undertone.

While the breeder of the pineapple types of kush strains is unknown, its parents are Pineapple and Master Kush. The buds are brown/green in color and covered with amber crystals.

With a THC content of up to 15% and CBD of 0.14%, the buzz is commonly described as cerebral, with a light body sensation.

vanilla kush strain

Vanilla Kush Strains

This indica kush strains comes from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and clinched 2nd place overall at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup for the coffee shop and seed company.

Bred from Afghan and Kashmir strains, this Kush beauty is a gift to the senses with her notes of vanilla, lavender, and a hint of citrus.

Plants flower in 8 weeks and produce large, soft flowers that are light green with hints of orange.

This strain has a high THC content often measuring over 20%, making it a potent choice that might be strong for new users.

strawberry kush

Strawberry Kush

Strong and sweet, Strawberry Kush is one well-rounded lady. Featuring a musky imitation strawberry taste, this strain lives up to its lineage.

Typically found as a cross between the sweet Strawberry Cough and the pungent OG Kush, Strawberry Kush is strong but not overpowering.

A potent indica for novice consumers, it’s a sleepy strain that produces a calming heavy body sensation. The genetics for this strain may vary by dispensary.

Some dispensaries carry more hybrid or sativa-dominant versions, which may produce opposite, energizing effects. For growers, Strawberry Kush is available by clone only and typically flowers between 8 and 9 weeks.

sour kush

Sour Kush

This cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush is one of our favorite types of kush strains. For those looking for daytime pain relief, Sour Kush might be one of the best choices out there.

Providing consumers with an uplifting experience without overwhelming sedative effects, this hybrid is great for day-to-day consumption.

Sour Kush is slightly sativa-dominant, igniting a giggly and euphoric feeling.

The indica effects, however, present themselves a few minutes after consumption. This strain is extremely pungent, so it’s best stored in tightly sealed containers.

cotton candy kush

Cotton Candy Kush

Named for its soft, fluffy appearance and intense candied aroma, Cotton Candy Kush is a hybrid kush strain. that crosses Lavender with Power Plant.

The result is a pungent palate of sweet, berry flavors and a floral type of kush scent. The euphoric effects will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store, while the relaxing powers will keep stress and pain to a minimum.


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