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Alex Knoch

Cannabutter Recipe

Laced Weed








Cooking With Cannabis

Foods infused with cannabis are 4x-5x more psychoactive than when you smoke it. After learning How to Make Cannabutter and What Happens When You Eat Weed you have a foundation to becoming a cannabis chef.

Cannabis Cooking Oil

Weed Firecrackers







Smoking Weed

At first glance, smoking weed may seem simple but there’s actually a lot you can learn. Of course, you’re going to want to learn how to clean your pipe correctly but once you get deeper you might want to learn how to make BHO and other concentrates.

Cleaning Glass

Making BHO







How to Grow Weed

Learning how to grow weed can be an adventure. Whether you want to save and make money or you want to get closer to the plants you consume you should know the basics of growing weed indoors. After growing that amazing strain you’ve wanted for years, you can learn how to clone cannabis and keep it forever.


Cloning Cannabis

Harvesting Weed







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