How To Pass a Urine Drug Test


After lots of research and experimentation, we’ve determined that these techniques listed below will give you the best chance possible to pass your next urine drug test.

What kind of drug test are you taking?

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Taking a Urine Drug Test

Urine drug tests are the most commonly used way employers test for marijuana metabolites. Metabolites are the byproducts of substances processed by your body. When a drug test is testing you for marijuana use, it is not looking for THC in your system. It is instead looking for the metabolite that your body has processed that THC into. Urine tests are so popular because they’re cheap, easy to use, and are the only testing method approved for federally-mandated testing.

For at home urine tests you simply have to put a test strip in a sample of urine and wait for a predetermined amount of time before comparing the results to the key. These generally show two lines. One line is  for the control, a test to determine if the sample is in fact urine. The other line will be the testing line, which will show if the metabolite of the drug you are testing is present.

Sometimes an employer will send your urine sample to a lab to get it screened instead of using an at home drug test. These labs will measure pH, creatinine, specific gravity, and will test for adulterants that people add to tamper with the drug test.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Urine?

Urine drug tests can detect marijuana for up to 6 weeks after you smoke. But on average, people stop testing positive after a week. However, by following the steps below, I’ve seen heavy smokers pass a drug test after only 2 days.

How To Pass a Urine Drug Test

To pass a urine test, flush out as many metabolites as you can in the week(s) before the test and dilute your pee as much as possible on the days before the test. You don’t want to be flushing the marijuana out of your system and into the specimen cup.

Whether you pass will be determined by how strict you are at following the techniques listed below. If you don’t think you’ll pass you might want to consider using fake urine to pass your drug test. Fake urine is highly reliable, and unless your drug test is for the Department of Transportation( you have and maintain a CDL, or hold a position regulated by the federal omnibus bill), it cannot legally be observed unless tampering is suspected for the first sample. This fact means that as long as you can smuggle the small container of fake urine into (and out of) the room with you, passing a test is no problem.

If your drug test is for the Department of Corrections( you are incarcerated,or in some stage of the probation/parole racket) fake urine should be avoided due to specimen collections almost always being observed.

These synthetic urine kits are made of the exact same liquid used to calibrate the very lab testing equipment your test may be analyzed with, so you should not worry about the sample being found out by the fancy gas chromatography–mass spectrometry machine. It simply does not know the difference.

Drink Water

Start drinking water now. As much as you can and at least a gallon a day. You never want to put down that water jug. Water is the #1 key in passing a drug test. Without water, your body has nowhere to expel the marijuana in your system and your urine won’t be diluted when it comes to testing day.

Sweat It Out

Start exercising Now but stop 48 hours before your drug test. THC is fat soluble and is stored in your fat cells. Exercise will burn those fat cells, helping release the store THC in the adipose(fat) tissue and push it into your system for processing out of the body. You want to help get as much out through physical activity as possible, but then allow at least 48 hours to flush out the THC that you released from the adipose tissue.

Boost Your Body’s Metabolism

Eat lots of vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and foods high in protein. Avoid sugar, high-fat foods, and other junk food so that your body works on burning off the fat it already has stored instead of storing new fat. Leading up to you test, Red meat may help raise creatinine levels in your urine, one of the key factors tested for.

Increase Your Urine Output

Take a diuretic such as Midol or cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice can be weak diuretic, helping you have to urinate more often.  This will dilute the amount of metabolite, and help make it easier to pass.

Taking a B-complex Multivitamin

Two hours before your test take 100 milligrams of a B-complex multivitamin. After drinking gallons of water and taking a diuretic, your urine will probably be pretty watered down and should be crystal clear. This clear pee can raise suspicions. Taking B2 or B12 can help to bring it back to that familiar yellow glow.

Take Aspirin

Four to Six hours before your test take 4 aspirin. Studies show that aspirin interferes with Enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique(EMIT) drug screening,  is a common method for masking certain parts of the spectrum that urine tests check.

Take Fruit Pectin

Certo By sure-jell is the most popular brand, just take a box, and mix with water, then down and dilute your urine, and don’t forget to take a B Vitamin before your test.  Sure jell is fruit pectin, which=fruit fiber. Fruit fiber is called a “soluble fiber”, meaning it is extremely water soluble, and binds with fatty acids. THC is stored in lipids in your body, which is why it takes so fucking long to clear out of your system. Bile acids solubilize lipids, and are the primary transporters of them in your body. So… soluble fiber binds with these lipophilic acids (bile acids, fatty acids, etc), and quickly transports them through your digestive system to the colon, temporarily reducing the amount of THC containing lipids that will show up in your urine. So… to pass a drug test for THC, mix 1 box of sure jell with water 2-3 hours before the test, dilute, and piss a few times. This will help you fool the dip strip / specimen style EMIT tests.

Additional Tips To Pass A Urine Drug Test

  1. On the day of the test, pee at least twice before you go.
  2. When you pee in the cup, catch the middle of the stream for the cleanest pee.
  3. Test your pee before you take your test so you know you’ll pass.
  4. Avoid sodium and other dehydrating substances
  5. Keep liquid and diuretic intake up, but know that you can drink too much water, avoid drinking it by the gallon.
  6. Take a B Vitamin  to add some color back to your urine.
  7. Try bribing the test administrator( don’t do this, but let us know if you try)

Using Fake Urine To Pass Your Drug Test

Most people know when they have a drug test coming up, if you have time go to your local headshop.They will have a selection of all sorts of cleansing drinks, as well as a selection of the finest in fake piss. Buy your favorite, brands vary regionally I like Quick Fix.  

My routine is this:

I toss an outfit in the dryer, and once done pull it, and grab my fake piss and go to the bathroom. I take out the handwarmer that the kit comes with and strap it to one side of the bottle to start warming it up just remove from plastic to activate the hand warmer.  I wrap the bottle and handwarmer up in my now warm outfit, and hop in the shower.  By the time I am done, the bottle has warmed up to temp and is ready to go. I hide it in my underwear, heat pad facing out and with good skin contact so that the sample status at the right temp. Head to the testing location, sign a form, wait 5 minutes, then get escorted to the bathroom next up, I empty my pockets into the locker they provide.  I go in, they close the door. Now the fun part, you have a worker standing outside of the door, possibly listening, although probably checking facebook.  I like to grab out everything I need from my underwear, start peeing, pinch midstream, fill up specimen cup with fake piss. NONE OF YOUR OWN!  Hide the fake pee bottle, open the door, hand off your sample cup to the tech.  This is the critical moment as long as everything is in the right range, the little temperature strip on the side of the cup should show between 94-99 degrees. When the tech sees that it makes temp, they accept the sample and your job is done.


Taking a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Passing a Hair Test

Samples can be taken from any part of the body. Not all employers who use hair tests check for marijuana. Hair testing is racially biased against Africans, being much more sensitive to thick, dark hair than to light, fine hair. Although the FDA and scientific community have been critical of hair testing, that hasn’t stopped employers from using it. Hair tests may be influenced by shampoo: one test found hair treated with Head & Shoulders® (Fine/Oily), Neutrogena®, and Rave® displayed lower drug concentrations than with Pert® (Oily/Fine) or Prell® (Normal, Normal/Oily).


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      • Midol is a diuretic and will make you go pee more often. Peeing more often will help with both flushing out the THC and diluting it. If you don’t have access to Midol or another diuretic I would suggest drinking as much water as you humanly can, which will have the same effect.

    1. Also, the article mentions that if ur urine is too clear, it might raise suspicion. Well, I have a few things to say about that. If you drink the amount of water in a day that you are “suppose” to drink, of course your pee is going to be clear. Also, I have been in a situation where my sample was “diluted”. Some places count that as an automatic fail. However, some places let u take it again, buying you time to flush more.

      • We aren’t saying that if your urine is clear it won’t work. We’re simply saying that if you want to have zero problems in there, it’s suggested to not overload yourself with water since it will seem like you’re trying to dilute it. People drink that much water but it does raise suspicion since you know about the test in advance.

    2. What about using something called Certo. I’ve heard that those are really good for passing. Like even for those who smoke everyday. I’ve not tried it, I’ve only seen yt vidoes for it. And one video showing it fooled a drug test bought from dollar tree. But could it fool a lab test? Or a drug test used at say a grocery store.

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