Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint: Here's how

Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint? Truth Revealed


Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint? 

So, you’re out of rolling papers, but you’ve got plenty of tissue paper lying around—can you use tissue paper to roll a joint? While it’s a little more tricky to use than traditional rolling paper, the answer is yes, you can use tissue paper to roll your joint. It may not be the best thing in terms of taste and functionality but it works along with most other paper. Even toilet paper works, just make sure you use new toilet paper 🙂

Here’s what you need to know about substituting tissue paper as well as some other alternative paper options to roll a joint with. 

How to Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint

Since tissue paper is very thin, it makes a convenient substitute for rolling papers. Keep in mind that tissue paper may not burn as perfectly as rolling papers, but you can still expect to get a decent smoke out of it.

The process for doing it is fairly simple, and not too different from using rolling papers: 

  • Any tissue paper should work fine, but if you can, try to use uncolored paper that hasn’t been dyed
  • Cut your tissue paper into the size of a normal rolling paper (most rolling papers are around 68mm in length and 34mm wide)
  • Grind your cannabis with either a grinder, your hand, or another object
  • Fill the tissue paper with your shake and add the crutch (if you’re using one)
  • Form the shape of the joint, and then roll the tissue paper by pinching the paper between your fingers, and rolling as you go 
  • Since tissue paper is already a little thin for burning, you want to make sure you pack the end of your joint well (or close it if you’re not planning on smoking immediately)

Even if it may burn a little faster, working with tissue paper shouldn’t be too tricky—and it can work well in a pinch. Tissue paper does break pretty easily due to its soft nature so make sure you are very careful when handling and rolling the tissue paper. 

If you want to see a visual tutorial on how to roll a joint, we created this video.

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Other Substitutes for Rolling Papers

Just because you don’t have rolling papers or tissue paper on hand doesn’t mean you can’t smoke.
Every cannabis smoker will run into times when they don’t have all the necessary accessories to smoke. Here are a couple of other quick substitutes that work well to roll a joint: 

Gum Wrapper Joint

gum wrapper joint

If you or a friend has a couple of pieces of gum in your pocket, this can also act as a substitute for rolling papers. In a couple seconds you can have the perfect gum wrapper joint.

However, you want to make sure that you rub the foil part off the back of these wrappers (since tin foil isn’t great to inhale). You can usually do this with a coin, and as long as you’re gentle, it shouldn’t ruin the other side of the paper. 

While it might not be the best situation, resorting to a gum wrapper joint can be an easy way to smoke when you’re in a punch.

Bible Pages

rolling a joint

Believe it or not, bible pages have the right consistency for a rolling paper. The trick is finding a page with little to no ink on it. You don’t want to smoke anything with ink on it as the chemicals are typically bad for your lungs. 

A lot of bibles have pages like this near the front or the back of the book, so it shouldn’t be too tough of a find. Once you’ve cut out the desired page, you can follow the same process for tissue paper.

Tracing Paper

rolling a joint

Tracing paper may actually be a better substitute than tissue paper since it’s usually undyed. If you’ve got any lying around, you’re in luck to roll a joint. Undyed paper is much healthier for you to use as it’s a lot easier on your lungs. Dyes will have chemicals in them and can cause issues at times.

Wrapping Paper Weed

wrapping paper weed

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to smoke weed and you don’t have any rolling papers. In these situations, you can always use wrapping paper to roll a joint. All you need is a piece of wrapping paper and some weed, and you’re good to go. Just fold the wrapping paper into a rectangular shape, add your weed, and start rolling. If you don’t have a filter, you can always use a piece of cardboard or another type of paper.

Once you’ve rolled your joint, seal it up and enjoy. Wrapping paper joints may not be the prettiest things in the world, but they’ll definitely do the job.

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  1. You can’t, it’s too flimsy. You can, however, simply cut tissue paper (like the stuff department stores put with shirts and clothes in gift boxes), the size of rolling papers. Just roll it up and lick the edge, the same way as rolling papers, but get it a little more wet.

  2. You can’t, it’s too flimsy. You can, however, simply cut tissue paper (like the stuff department stores put with shirts and clothes in gift boxes), the size of rolling papers. Just roll it up and lick the edge, the same way as rolling papers, but get it a little more wet.