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How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder


Grinding weed without grinder can be a daunting task. Some people have resorted to using their finger to get it done but this as well is not an easy thing to do, the weed may be wet and sticky and you’ll find most of it clinging to your fingers and that can be frustrating. You also tend to lose the crystal during the process. This article will take you through some amazing hacks with which you can grind weed without a grinder.

Small Scissors in a Shot Glass

The first method we’ll mention is using scissors in a shot glass. This method is pretty simple and fast. Just toss some bud of weed into a shot glass and start cutting. To make this method effective, try to cut as fast as possible. This method is however not recommended if you need to use the shot glass as soon as you are done because there will be residue that might change the taste of anything poured inside the shot glass after cutting.

Using Coin and Medicine Bottle

This method is also effective. However, it takes a longer time to grind your weed. All you need to do is to throw some bud inside your medicine bottle and throw a coin inside then shake vigorously until the job is done.

Knife and Chopping Board

This is a pretty common method that is faster and works perfectly, especially if you have just a small amount to grind. The process is similar to chopping your salad, herbs or vegetable. Just drop a bud on your chopping board and chop into smaller bits with your knife. For a better result, it is advised that you use a non-serrated knife. Make sure you wash your knife and chopping board after chopping the weed before using it to chop something else.

Using a Coffee Grinder

The coffee grinder is another method used in grinding cannabis in the absence of a grinder. It is effective for grinding up larger amount of weed and it gets the job done pretty fast. It usually gives a fine and dust-like consistency ready to be used. However, the consistency depends on how long you allow the coffee grinder to work. If you don’t want your cannabis too powdery, ensure you stop the coffee grinder earlier. You should ensure you wash and clean the coffee grinder after use except you enjoy weed-spiced coffee.


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