The Best Cannabis Drink Pairings to Elevate Your Experience

The Best Cannabis Drink Pairings to Elevate Your Experience


If you’re looking to elevate your next high, you’ll definitely want to try these cannabis drink pairings. Whether you’re looking to settle your mellow or increase your focus, there’s a beverage and strain combo that are perfect for you. From wine, tea, kombucha and more, we’ll show exactly which cannabis drink pairings you’ll want to try for your next session.

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Why Cannabis Drink Pairings Exist

Cannabis and drinks have been paired together since ancient times, as evidenced by how traditional brewing methods often included the plant. Today, cannabis drink pairings have become increasingly popular because people are looking to mix their favorite beverages with their favorite plant.

Cannabis offers a unique set of flavors and aromatic profiles that can stand alone or be combined with other things in order to create an unforgettable flavor experience. With the right kind of cannabis drink pairing, anyone can find a flavor profile that fits comfortably into whatever beverage they are looking for.

Cannabis pairings are an exciting way to explore how different combinations of plants and drinks can come together to create new and unexpected flavors.

Overall, cannabis drink pairings exist because people want something new and interesting added to their beverage choices!

Best Types of Cannabis Drink Pairings

The best type of cannabis drink pairings can be tricky to figure out, but with a bit of research and exploration, it’s easy to find the ideal combination to maximize your experience. The first step is finding the type of drink that complements your chosen strain – for example, if you like an energizing Sativa strain, a light beer or white wine could be great accentuate its biochemistry.

If it’s an Indica you’re looking for something more soothing then a hard cider or red wine may be more suitable.

Secondly, how much and how often depends on how experienced you are with cannabis use as well as how potent your chosen strain is. Pairing drinks with cannabis also allows for complicated flavour combinations like smoky scotch whisky with spicy Chahutkani Kush or enjoying a fruity moscato infused rosé paired with some sweet OG Kush!

No matter what the perfect cannabis drink pairings may be for you, experimentation and exploration will lead to fun experiences and delicious results.

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Recipes for Cannabis Infused Drinks

Cannabis infused drinks have the potential to provide an exciting and complex flavor adventure. Whether you are looking for an easy-to-prepare treat or craft something with an extra punch of THC, having the right recipes makes all the difference. Recipes can range from sweet and bubbly sodas to velvety chai lattes, each providing its own special blend of flavors and effects. You can also get creative with how you infuse your brews – try using butter or oil-based extracts for stronger potency or mix up a tea blend for lighter dose.

For a deep dive on making potent cannabutter, read: The Perfect Cannabutter Ratio

Regardless of how you make it, just remember to always measure out your servings carefully – it’s key in creating the best cannabis infused drink recipes!

How to Choose the Right Drink While Smoking

When smoking cannabis, it is important to choose the right drink to accompany and enhance your high. Whether you’re looking for more, less intense, mellow or stimulating effects of cannabis, cannabis drink pairings are an excellent way to create a unique and enjoyable experience.

First and foremost, you should always consider the individual flavors of cannabis strain and the type of beverage you have selected when putting together cannabis drink pairings. For instance, citrusy strains pair best with light lagers or a crisp fruity cider; whereas piney+ diesel strains often taste best with sour beers or a bold glass of red wine.

Not only does this allow for cannabis strain-specific effects but also opens up more opportunities for aroma and flavor combination experimentation. So no matter what your smoking preferences are, cannabis drink pairings will absolutely help elevate your cannabis experience!

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How Alcohol Can Enhance Your Next High

Alcohol can give cannabis users the perfect opportunity to enhance their next high. Going beyond just enjoying cannabis and alcohol separately, cannabis drinkers can now make cannabis drink pairings for the ultimate indulgent experience. For instance, an IPA beer is a great pairing for cannabis with citrus undertones, while a fruity rosé could work well with earthy cannabis notes.

Finding the right cannabis drink pairing can be tricky but also lots of fun – it’s essentially like cannabis’ version of wine and cheese! With so many different beer and cannabis varieties available today, there are countless possibilities out there as far as cannabis drink combinations.

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable way to relax after a long day or just want to find new cannabis experiences, adding alcohol into the mix might be your missing link.

Final Thoughts: The Best Cannabis Drink Pairings

Cannabis drink pairings are a real thing and they can enhance your high in different ways. If you want to try making your own cannabis-infused drinks, we have some great recipes for you to try out. So whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned pro, there’s something here for everyone. Be sure to check out our ultimate guide to cooking with weed for more tips on how to make the perfect infused drink.


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