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Cannabis for Anxiety: 5 Things You Need to Know


More and more states are rapidly waking up to the undeniable health benefits of medicinal cannabis, as the legalization wave spreads wider around the globe.

Practitioners are recommending cannabis for anxiety or GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Using cannabis for anxiety has become a major trend in the last 5 years. 

As new reports keep pouring in, medicinal marijuana has become an important area to look at for people looking to remove anxiety symptoms temporarily.

Though this cure needs more scientific research to be proven as a fact, reliable evidence has been gathered in favor of cannabis’ positive effects for fighting anxiety.

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Does weed help anxiety? Stacking rocks to show cannabis for anxiety helps.

Marijuana as Self-Medication

Anytime you act towards a cure for a mental or physical illness without an expert’s guidance, it’s termed as self-medication.

Often, it may succeed at producing an instant relief to fight off some negative symptoms, which is why people insist on self-medicating, despite its dangers.

The problem is, even though marijuana is being as cannabis for anxiety and depression, not much is known to prove its efficacy or long-term consequences.

Each case of anxiety is unique, and only an experienced professional knows the best remedy for your symptoms. Hence, it’s best to consult with your doctor and follow their advice for the safer route to treat anxiety.

How Cannabis Can Help with Anxiety

Marijuana users who suffer from anxiety often report the following benefits;

  •   Achieving a sense of ease and relaxation
  •   Much better sleep
  •   Calmness

People often report these along with other positive outcomes, such as a reduction in other unbearable symptoms and greater peace of mind, etc.

Medicinal marijuana can potentially help ward off harmful symptoms of;

  •   Social anxiety
  •   PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  •   Several Phobias
  •   Sleep deprivation and disruptions, often caused by general anxiety
  •   Panic disorder
  •   Agoraphobia

These commonly noted beneficial occurrences seem to be in line with the latest research around the medical use of cannabis, especially with anxiety symptoms.

Why You Should Always Consult with Your Doctor when using Cannabis for Anxiety

While marijuana helps some people anxiety, it is seen to have the opposite effect on others potentially. Some patients don’t feel any positive or negative impact upon using it, while others may experience their symptoms to worsen slightly.

This discrepancy could relate to THC, which is a psychoactive compound in cannabis. High levels of it have been associated with increased anxiety, such as a higher heart rate and racing thoughts.

This is one of the most important reasons why it’s best to use medicinal marijuana under expert supervision.

Moreover, other anxiety treatments have shown to provide slower yet longer-lasting positive effects. These include psychotherapy or medication.

Though, for immediate temporary relief from severe anxiety symptoms, there’s not much competition for marijuana as of now.  CBD can also be used and you can find high cbd strains of cannabis for anxiety. 

Does Weed Help Anxiety?

Anxiety is a real, serious, and dangerous mental illness that should never be taken lightly.

Nevertheless, it’s treatable. Weed, and especially its CBD element, has been known to help significantly in finding immediate relief. It can be used in conjunction with other treatment options like therapy, medication, or CBD oil.

If you’re planning on experimenting with cannabis for anxiety, it might be best to talk to a doctor. 



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