How To Put Out A Joint (And Save It For Later)

How To Put Out A Joint (And Save It For Later)


Do you enjoy smoking weed? If so, you’re likely familiar with the process of putting out a joint. But do you know how to put out a joint and save it for later? This is crucial if you don’t want to finish your entire joint. Dispensaries sell huge joints nowadays with some containing up to an eighth of weed. If you are smoking your joint alone, you may not want to smoke the entire joint.

We will discuss how to properly put out a joint and save it for later. This way, next time you’re half way through your joint and want to save the rest, you’ll know exactly how to.

How to put out a joint without destroying it:

Putting out a joint to save for later is very different then just putting your joint out. Anyone can step on a joint and put it out, but you need a little more skill and finesse to properly put it out so you can relight it and save it for later.

That’s where we come in. I roll a joint every other day, but I smoke everyday. So every other day I put out my joint to save it for later. After 8+ years of doing this, you’d think I know a little bit about how to put out a joint without destroying it. There are some small things you can do to make this process super easy. The most important thing, just be gentle. Joints are rolled using thin paper, meaning the paper can easily rip if you aren’t gentle with it. Move slowly when putting your joint out, relax too…you’re probably already feeling lifted.

The 5 best ways to put out a joint so you can save it for later.

  1. Use a doob tube or joint holder. If you have a joint holder, this process will be 10x easier and your joint won’t get destroyed. A joint holder is a small metal or glass tube that holds your joint while you put it out. This way you don’t have to use your fingers which can often rip the paper. An airtight doob tube eliminates the oxygen which makes it impossible for the joint to keep burning. Without oxygen the flame will almost instantly die out and the rest of your joint will be to put out a joint
  2. Use a piece of metal. This is my personal favorite method. I use a small piece of metal (usually a nail) to put out my joint. I hold the metal near the end of the joint and wait for the joint to touch it. Once the joint touches the metal, it will start to go out. I then wait a few seconds before removing the metal so the joint is fully extinguished.
  3. Use your ashtray. If you have an ashtray, you can simply place your joint in the ashtray and let it extinguish on its own. This method workswell, but often times the joint will get stuck to the ashtray and rip when you try to remove it.
  4. Let it go out. This method is the simplest method, and you don’t have to ever worry about destroying your joint. Simply let your joint burn out on it’s own. Typically this may take 10-30 seconds if you just let it sit there. The joint will eventually burn out. Note, this method may burn a little more weed as it burns out.
  5. The classic way – use your fingers. This is how most people put out their joint, but it’s not the best way as you can easily rip the paper. I only recommend this method if you don’t have anything else on hand. To do it, simply hold the end of the joint between your thumb and index

Those 5 methods are a great way to learn how to put out a joint so you can save it for later. But now your joint it out, and you need to save it.

How To Save A Joint For Later(Proper storage)

After you put out your joint make sure you don’t just leave it sitting out. Due to the high heat of smoking half the joint the herb will already have started drying out. To preserve it the best you can, do not just leave it out. The weed will continue to dry out and oxidize if you leave it out. If you are typically not smoking your whole joint we suggest getting a doob tube, but here’s our 3 methods to store your joint to save it for later. 

3 Effective Storage Methods to Save a Joint for Later

  1. Doob Tube. This will keep your joint the freshest so you can smoke the rest another day.
  2. Air Tight Stash Jar. A stash jar is a great secondary option if you don’t have a doob tube handy. If you plan to save your joints often, we suggest grabbing a doob tube.
  3. Ziploc Bag(Not recommended)

That wraps up our best tips for how to put out a joint so you can save it for later. Let us know in the comments if you use another way. We’re always trying to learn new hacks to smoke better.


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