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How to Weigh Weed Correctly


The methods used for weighing weed have changed drastically over the years. Sometimes back, the most common method involved using triple beam scales. The scales might sound archaic to people who are only aware of digital scales.

Nevertheless, the changes haven’t eliminated the importance of weighing weed.

Importance of Weighing Weed

Weighing weed is important to know how much to pay or buy it for. You cannot just pay for weed without knowing how much it weighs. Some users pay for a roll. However, they often do not get value for their money, especially when dealing with dishonest sellers.

The most commonly used unit of measuring or weighing weed is grams. Other units include:

  • Pounds
  • Ounces

For small amounts, you should use grams. For big amounts of weed, the preferable unit of measurement should be either pounds or ounces. Know these terms to improve your ability to negotiate with sellers or buyers.

Commonly Weights

Weed is mostly sold in the following weights:

  1. Half gram
  2. Gram
  3. Eighth ounce
  4. Quarter ounce
  5. Half ounce
  6. Ounce

Depending on where you buy weed, you may also come across other terms. You may hear the seller mentioning or using words such as “O”, “Z”, “a half”, “a quarter”, “an eighth”, “a dub” or “a dime”. Eventually, you will get used to the meanings of these words and letters.

The scales used are both imperial and metric.

So, how should you weigh weed?

Today, there are several accurate ways of weighing weed.

Weighing in a Cup

One of the most popular methods is to place the weed in a cup. Other people use trays or platforms. Cups are good because they allow you to fit more weed vertically inside them. Cups can handle more weed compared to trays and platforms.

Place the cup on a scale. Subtract the weight of the cups, and you get the weight of the weed.

Weighing on Scales

The other alternative is to rely on scales completely. Scales are more accurate. They measure up to the tenth decimal. Scales work well for home growers. Scales are also ideal for the skeptical customers who rely on the neighborhood dispensary for their supply of weed.

Scales are adjustable. You can adjust them to measure the weight of the weed in either grams or ounces. The unit of measurement you use depends on the size or amount of marijuana you have in your possession.

A gram of weed will mostly cost you around $10. The actual price you pay depends on several factors though. For example, you may pay more or less than $10 depending on whether you buy from a small or major city.


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