How to Use a Grinder for Weed and Cleaning It Properly

How To Use a Weed Grinder


Knowing how to use a grinder for weed and cleaning it properly is essential if you want to smoke the best material and don’t want to lose anything. Even if you’ve been using a grinder your whole life, you still might find a few new tips below.

What Is A Grinder?

A grinder is a type of tool used to break up weed into smaller pieces. Although grinders come in two, three and four piece varieties, a four piece grinder is the best choice, especially for home use (although a 2 piece model may be better for taking out and about since it will be more compact). While there are a number of other ways to grind up dry herb, a grinder is by far the easiest and most convenient option since it significantly speeds up the process. There is another perk too – you can collect kief from the grinder which can then be added to your bowl or used to make edibles.

The Parts Of A Grinder

A weed grinder will have 5 parts, including the 4 compartments and the scraping tool. The 4 compartments include:

  • A magnetic cap which locks onto the grinding chamber using a magnet which is located in its centre
  • A grinding chamber into which the buds of weed are placed in order to grind them up
  • A top chamber in which the kief gets stored after it has fallen through the holes in the grinding chamber
  • A bottom chamber in which the fine and small kief is stored after it has passed through the top chamber’s screen

Choosing And Using A Grinder

To get the finest possible grind for your dry herb, you need to use your weed grinder properly. The best performing grinders have 4 chambers and are usually made from zinc or aluminum. You should avoid buying a wooden or acrylic grinder as these don’t have a very long lifespan. When buying a grinder you should also check the number of teeth in the top chamber and the number of holes which allow the herb to drop into the chamber. If you select a grinder that has vertical grinds or slim posts, it will be more efficient.

To fill your grinder properly, you should remove its lid and fill it with herb, breaking up larger buds using your fingers. Avoid putting any into the centre of the grinder as nothing in this area will be shredded since this is where the pivoting magnet is located. Instead, place the buds into the spaces between the teeth of the grinder.

Avoid overfilling the grinder’s top chamber. While you may be tempted to pack the top chamber with as much herb as possible this will prevent the product from being as finely ground, so only use a smaller amount each time you grind. If you turn your grinder upside down this will help to achieve a finer grind, although you must remember to hold the top cap on, otherwise it may fall off.

Twist the grinder’s top chamber to begin grinding the herb. You will feel some resistance at first, and you will know that the herb has been thoroughly ground up when it becomes easier to twist the chamber. Usually, this takes around ten rotations. After a few times of grinding weed, you’ll find that the grinder’s bottom chamber will begin to collect kief which you can then use. There are a couple of ways in which you can maximize the amount of kief produced, such as putting your grinder into the freezer for half an hour and putting some coins onto the metal screen in the 3rd chamber.

How To Clean Your Grinder

Cleaning your weed grinder regularly will keep it fully operational and prevent it from sticking while you grind. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of collecting kief while cleaning your grinder. You will not need to clean your grinder each time you use it, but when it becomes difficult to turn or when it starts to yield less kief, you should take this as your cue to clean your tool.

Tools For Cleaning A Grinder

  • Sturdy paper to collect the plant matter
  • A freezer
  • Toothpicks
  • A dry, clean toothbrush
  • Q Tips
  • A pipe tool
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A large glass bowl or other container
  • A clean sink with running water
  • Clean cloth or paper towels
  • A hairdryer

Collect The Kief

Before cleaning your grinder, you can put it into the freezer for 30 minutes to release stuck plant matter and make it easier to collect. After freezing, close the grinder and shake it thoroughly then take it apart, tapping each piece onto the paper so the kief can be collected. Scrape any particles out the with cleaning tool and toothpick, paying close attention to the edges and teeth. Be careful if you are using a metal scraping tool since sometimes they can scrape some of the aluminum particles from the bottom of the grinder along with the kief.

Clean The Screen

Handle the screen carefully to avoid denting or tearing it. Use the toothbrush to clean any particles in the spaces of the screen mesh.

Soak The Grinder

Pour the rubbing alcohol into the glass bowl or container and submerge all of the grinder’s pieces in it. Leave to soak for 20 minutes and then use a Q Tip to swab each piece to remove any remaining debris. Rinse over the sink in hot running water then place on a clean cloth or dry paper towel and blot any excess water away. Use a hairdryer to finish drying the pieces and then reassemble ready for use again


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