3 Best Lighters in 2020: Wind-Resistant, Waterproof

3 Best Lighters in 2022: Wind-Resistant, Waterproof, and More


Wind-Resistant, Waterproof, and other features the 3 Best Lighters in 2022 have.

In the modern age, nobody wants to settle for the same product everyone has. Everyone wants to be a little unique and different. We tried and tested over 30 lighters and have found the few that we consider to be the best lighters on the market.

Every lighter is a little different, from the size, capacity, and mechanics to the look and feel. We looked for small differences in each lighter. Fluid vs electric, size vs durability, style vs usability, and took all these things into account when deciding on our favorite.

Best Overall Lighter: Smoke Honest Stashlight takes the award for best overall lighter in 2022. The Stashlight is a 2 in 1 Lighter and Doobtube. This is a reusable, refillable, environmentally friendly, and wind-resistant lighter. The refillable lighter uses standard lighter fluid similar to Zippo. Zippo lighter fluid works perfectly. A few drops inside the lighter will keep this lighter ready for weeks at a time.

The Stashlight is built from aircraft grade aluminum and is ultra strong. The lighter capsule and tube are both waterproof and smell proof allowing you to hold anything in the doobtube. The tube portion of this can fit a cigarette or a nicely rolled joint. Don’t worry, king size papers can fit inside the tube.

This keychain lighter will last you a lifetime and that is a big reason this is the best refillable lighter on the market. Smoke Honest brings you modern smoking accessories and has been featured in Bespoke Post and Touch of Modern.

Best Electric Lighter: Myster Dual Burner USB Lighter leads the pack in electric lighters. This sleek lighter could easily be mistaken for a USB drive, but little does anyone else know it packs a heavy punch. When we say punch we mean a perfect light.

This is perfect for joints and blunts that you want to lighter when you are outside. The double coil allows you to easily burn your doob. This plugs right into any usb port making it super easy to recharge in your car or at home. Myster Dual Burner has to be one of the sexiest lighters on the market. They have tons of other smoking accessories and have been featured in High Times and Viceland.

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Best Disposable Lighter: This has to go to Bic. Bic may never lose this award. They are super consistent disposable lighters and typically can last a few weeks depending on the amount you use. Some downsides to disposable lighters is the amount of waste they create.

When you are out on your road trip and forgot to bring a lighter, you will always be able to find a Bic. Bic’s are sold at any gas station or super market and usually cost only a few dollars. 



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