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More Genius Than The Genius Pipe


The founders of Smoke Honest, a premium smoking accessories brand based out of San Clemente, California have created the ultimate genius pipe alternative even more genius than the genius pipe. The Path Pipe is a sleek, modern, and discreet hand pipe that is built to go anywhere and last forever. The founders of Smoke Honest, struggled to find modern smoking products that they wouldn’t be embarrassed to have sitting on a kitchen counter or coffee table. They were tired of grimy bongs and messy joints stinking up their place and making it look like they were degenerate stoners. They wanted something that not only would blend in with normal household items but that was also aesthetically appealing. Low and behold the Path Pipe!

The Path Pipe

The Path Pipe is the most high end hand pipe on the market today. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, the path pipe is nearly indestructible, backed up with a lifetime warranty. You will never have to worry about dropping and breaking your pipe again. This genius pipe alternative delivers a cough less smoking experience due to the winding path that cools and filters the smoke. 

The Path Pipe was built to go anywhere. The sliding cover allows you to pack the bowl, close it securely and take it on the go with you. For those adventurous smokers who hate to have to bring the grinder, weed, and pipe with you this solves that problem. Perfect for those smokers who love to rip while snowboarding, hiking, and camping the Path Pipe is fit for your life. Above all, the path pipe is designed to look modern and discreet. Built to blend in with your Apple products, its sleek minimal design will not have you embarrassed about your smoking habits. 

The Genius Pipe vs Path Pipe

These two modern smoking pipes have a few distinct differences that make them unique. First, let’s go over their sizes. The path pipe is 5 inches long and is about half the weight of the genius pipe making it much easier to bring on the go. The genius pipe is 6 inches long for comparison. The path pipe is equipped with a standard size bowl while the genius pipe uses replaceable screens as bowls. Both pipes have a unique filtration system that helps cool the smoke and filter out any scooby snacks, the path pipe with a path filtration and genius pipe with a golf ball filtration. One major difference is that the path pipe has a carb to control the smoke volume while the genius pipe does not. Lastly, the path pipe has a debowling tool to help you get any leftover leaf or ash out of the bowl. 

In Conclusion

Although the genius pipe was the original modern smoking pipe on the market, it seems that the founders of Smoke Honest have created the ultimate genius pipe alternative. The Path pipe is lighter, stronger, and definitely looks sleeker and sexier. Overall, these two premium smoking pipes are at the forefront of the modern cannabis movement. 


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