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How to Roll a Dutch Master Blunt


Of the many ways to consume weed recreationally (bongs, pipes, etc.), preparing and rolling a blunt takes the most skill. There are just too many things you could get wrong during the process. For example, you might not spread the weed evenly, seal the wrap well, etc., resulting in a smoke session that’s anything but lit!

This article aims to teach you how to roll a Dutch Master blunt, a cigar widely available in gas stations, 711s, and specialist stores in every state where weed is legal. So grab a lighter, a Dutch Master, and some weed, and let’s get rolling!

Short Answer

To roll a Dutch Master blunt:

  • Chop off both ends of the Dutch Master blunt.
  • Make a slice down the length of the Dutch Master and empty the tobacco.
  • Grind your weed with a grinder or other method and spread it evenly in the Dutch Master.
  • Roll the Dutch Master into a cylindrical shape that tapers on one end.
  • Lick the wrap so it’s nice and secure, and then use a lighter to dry it.
  • Light up your blunt.

We explain the above steps in more detail later in the article, so keep reading to learn how to get your roll on like a master.

Recommended Tools

The tools listed below will make rolling your Dutch Master blunt a breeze, so it’ll be wise to have them ready.

  1. Dutch Master: It’s much easier to get rid of seeds, stems, and tobacco when you use a Dutch Master for your weed wrap.
  2. Rolling Tray: Instead of making a mess on your kitchen counter, roll one up on a rolling tray. 
  3. Grinder: A grinder is essential if you want a nice blunt. You can use your hands if you don’t have a grinder, but the weed might not be as evenly ground.
  4. Sharp Knife: You’ll need a knife to cut through the cigar and empty out its contents.
  5. Lighter: To dry the blunt after licking and light it up once you’re done rolling your blunt.

How to Roll a Dutch Master Blunt in 4 Steps

Without further adieu, here’s how to roll your Dutch Master blunt in 4 simple steps.

Step One: Slice the Dutch Master

Place the Dutch Master on the rolling tray and chop off both ends with a sharp knife. Next, make a slice through the length of the Dutch Master, starting from one end and all the way to the other. You’ll want to slice the Dutch Master down the middle as though it were a banana. Ensure you do this step carefully so you don’t cut yourself. 

Also, the aim is to get at the Dutch Master’s contents, not to split it in half. Therefore, don’t keep slicing until the knife meets the rolling tray. Once you have a fairly shallow gash running through the cigar, empty the tobacco into a bin.

Step Two: Grind and Spread

Get the grinder and add the quantity of weed you’d like to light up. Make sure you grind the weed well. You can use your hands if you don’t have a grinder on hand or scissors and shot glass. However, a grinder will save you time and energy.

Once you have your ground weed, spread it on the cigar paper. You’re reading this so you can smoke weed, not cigar paper, so ensure the weed is evenly spread from one end of the blunt to the other. Besides a poor smoke, a blunt with an uneven spread of weed might collapse in on itself, which won’t be fun for anyone.

Step Three: Roll and Lick

Fold and roll the Dutch Master carefully. Make sure the shorter side of the Dutch is tucked around the weed before you start to roll. The aim is to get the blunt into a tapered cylindrical shape. Therefore, one end will be wider than the other, unlike how the cigar originally came in before you sliced through it and added the weed.

Additionally, while you don’t want weed to fall out the ends, closing the ends of your cylindrical blunt shut is not a good idea, as it’ll make smoking it difficult. 

Lick the wrap from one side to the other after rolling so your saliva makes it stick together. Then, use the lighter to dry it, running the flame over the blunt lengthwise.

Step Four: Light Up

You’re done! Light up the blunt and smoke to your heart’s content. If you need a lighter, checkout the best lighters for weed


How Much Weed Should I Put in a Dutch Master Blunt?

About 1-2 grams should do the trick. You’ll need that much because these blunts are much thicker and bigger than your average, being cigars and all. Another consideration you’ll need to make when measuring the weed is the number of people taking a hit (if you’re smoking with friends, in which case, the more, the merrier!).

Are Dutch Master Blunts Worth Smoking?

We think so. Although these cigars aren’t made with any flavoring added as an ingredient, they taste slightly sweet. Additionally, these blunts burn consistently (for up to thirty minutes), and the fact that they’re affordable is the icing on the cake.

Which Side of a Dutch Master Should I Light?

When you roll a Dutch Master blunt, you should end up with a joint that tapers slightly. You’ll be smoking it from the narrower side, so you light up the wider end of the blunt.


Rolling a Dutch Master blunt isn’t too complicated. As this article shows, you can roll one in 4 easy steps. But, of course, the equipment you use when rolling up matters, so it’ll take longer if you decide to go without tools like a grinder. 

The next time you have company over or want to have a solo smoke session, put your new knowledge to the test and light up your life!


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