How to Make Marijuana Infused Whipped Cream

How to Make Marijuana Infused Whipped Cream Recipe


Follow our infused whipped cream recipe, and make a cannabis infused whip cream. Whipped Cream is, literally, sweetness on top of sweetness. When you add some marijuana to it, the dessert you cover it with gets even better.

Since this whipped cream can turn out incredibly strong, think about how much topping you prefer. If you plan to use small amounts, 7 ounces is preferred; if you plan to use a lot of it, aim for 4 ounces.



4-8 grams of finely ground marijuana (depending on how potent you want it to be)

1 cup heavy cream

one teaspoon vanilla extract (optional but adds flavor)

1 tablespoon confectioners sugar


1. In a pan over medium heat in a double boiler, add heavy cream and marijuana.
2. Simmer the cream and marijuana for about an hour.
3. Remove from heat, then cool. Then pour into an airtight container and place in refrigerator until cold.
4. In a large bowl, whip the cream until thick enough, or for desired consistency. Then beat in the vanilla and sugar, but be careful you don’t over-beat since it will become lumpy.
5. Serve on dessert!

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