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Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Removal


Smoking marijuana, which is also known as weed is something that has become very popular amongst all ages of people. Although this is still illegal in some countries, it has been legalized in most countries or a least parts of some countries, which is commonly referred to as medicinal marijuana. This basically means you need to get a written prescription from a doctor if you want to smoke medicinal marijuana. Smoking, in general, has some kind of effects on our overall dental health, and this becomes more intense after teeth removal. Smoking weed after the removal of wisdom teeth is considered a risky endeavor because of some of the possible outcomes of this act. Although most people tend to ignore the advice given by their dentists when it comes to smoking weed after the removal of wisdom teeth. There are several reasons why doctors’ advice people to stay away from smoking weed after the removal of wisdom teeth.

The most common issue that comes with smoking weed after the removal of wisdom teeth is what is simply known as dry clot. If you are not familiar with this condition, all you need to know is that smoking weed just after wisdom teeth removal, can dislodge the blood clot and cause dry socket. Although most people are unable to stay away from weed for a long period of time. If you want to maintain a good dental health status, then it is wise to take some time off, just so the healing process can complete with ease.

It is very common to get one form of infection or the other after the removal of wisdom teeth. This basically means that you have to give your mouth some extra care after teeth removal. Smoking weed just after the removal of wisdom teeth can stop blood from clotting in your gums, which can cause an infection as well. Everyone would agree that the pains you have to endure after the removal of your wisdom teeth is enough, you don’t need to add any infection to the mix.

In addition to having dry socket and possible infection, you need to keep in mind that the suction can be bad for the healing process – which is something you wouldn’t want to see happen. Although most people think this only applies to smoking tobacco, it is worthy of mention that it also applies to smoking weed. Another important point to be considered before smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal, is that weed dries the mouth which, is a bad thing when you are healing.

Everybody already have bacteria in their mouth, smoking weed just after the removal of wisdom teeth can concentrates the bacteria. Some people suggest that you roll your joints looser than normal so you won’t need as much suction and drink, i.e. if you insist on smoking weed after the removal of wisdom teeth.


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