Top 10 Best Dispensaries in California In 2022 -

Top 10 Best Dispensaries in California in 2022 –



What are the best Dispensaries in California? Taking a trip to California for any cannabis smoker is a real life paradise. The laws have allowed cannabis to become established in California since 1996, and now the dispensaries are open to the public for recreational use. Since then there has been many dispensaries which have established themselves and the best. There is also new Dispensaries we have discovered making names for themselves. We are going to cover different parts of California which are the most populated.


This top 10 best dispensaries is in no particular order. However, we do menition overall ratings from weedmaps reviews, and number of Instagram followers. We use these two to help our readers measure quality and popularity. Another factor is an inventory of reputable brands that provide lab test with their cannabis products. 

1. The Peoples Remedy Modesto

the peoples remedy modesto

Living in the Valley has its perks with low prices for premium cannabis and vape cartridges. Find well known marijuana brands for much lower prices than the Bay Area. Find premium cannabis strains for sale such as Peanut butter breath, Sundae Driver, ChemDawg, and many others. These strains cost as low as $21.60 for an eighth of high grade cannabis flower. This California Dispensary has an overall rating on weedmaps of 4.8 out of 6 from 4,196 reviews. The Peoples Remedy has full grams of Raw Garden for $45 on their menu, this is of course, before any tax.

2. MelRose Cookies In Hollywood


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This is a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles that is known for having celebrities and artist visit. They offer some of the most exotic cannabis strain options available from well known breeders. Find only the finest marijuana strains for sale and grown to their fullest potential. The Cookies brand is well known for their exotic cannabis, and founded by Bay Area Rapper Berner. They have another location in MelRose Hollywood which has the same dank for sale. 

The Cookies Dispensary in Maywood Los Angeles has 29,000 instagram followers. They also have well known artists and celebs alike shop here for their cannabis. This high quality cannabis is  referred to as rapper or designer weed.

3. Patient Care First

This Dispensary is located in Modesto California. It has some of the best prices in California for cannabis and extracts. The reason why the prices are so low is because the location is known for its low cost of rent. Therefore, these savings are transferred to the cannabis consumer. You will find well known brands here such as Kings Garden, Cookies, Guild Extracts, and others for much lower prices than anywhere else. At the moment this dispensary has over 2,200+ reviews on its weedmaps page, and an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. 

This California dispensary also sells a lot of in-house grown cannabis with top shelf quality at low prices. We found on their menu a gram of Guild Extracts as low as $20.56.

4. Harborside Oakland California


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This is the place to go to in the Bay area to find the best clones for sale. People drive from hours away because of the vast selection of premium cannabis clone strains. Find authentic cannabis strains from established breeders in the bay area who supply Harborside. The Nursery Dark Heart in the Bay Area supply exotic marijuana strains such as Strawberry Banana, Cookies, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue #4, San Fernando Valley OG, and many more options. Besides being known for their premium marijuana clones, they also have a nice selection of cannabis products. 

5. Stiiizy Dispensary San Francisco

The Stiiizy brand is a fairly new cannabis concentrate company. They created their own vape pen and pod cartridge. This brand’s popularity has allowed it to expand into its very own dispensary in San Francisco. Find their new live resin pods and cannabis too. Also, find dab rigs with the Stiiizy logo on it.

The overall ratings for the new Stiiizy dispensary in San Francisco on weedmaps is really good. They currently got a 4.8 out of 5 from 333 reviews. Its not easy to earn such a high overall rating on, this alone is proof they indeed tThat’s a pretty high overall rating, and most of the reviews praise discounts and deals from dispensary.  Besides only carrying their own cannabis products, you can find an array of other brands too. They also have Absolute Extracts, Alien Labs, Bloom, Connected, Kurvana, and others.

6. Buddah Dispensary Los Angeles 

We decided to take a look at weedmaps to helped us find the best dispensary in California. After looking for the highest overall rating on this cannabis dispensary directory, we discovered the Buddah Company. They had an impressive 4.9 out of 5 overall rating on, and this was from 1992 reviews. Upon taking a look at the Buddah Company menu, we saw a vast selection of cannabis product options. However, the prices were not as competitive as other dispensaries on our list, thus we ranked this dispensary 5 on our list of the best. 

7. Kind Peoples – Santa Cruz

This is a dispensary that has a massive selection of well known, and lab tested cannabis products. When you walk into this dispensary your going to see a lot of familiar cannabis brands. Find brands such as Raw Garden, King Pen, Bloom Brand, Heavy Hitters, Abx, Legion of Bloom, and many more marijuana products. We found edibles as low as $2.50 for 10mg of THC content. They also had 5mg of CBD marshmallow edibles for $4.00 each. 

The prices here are a bit pricey compared to other dispensaries, but your paying for convenience.

8. – SF, LA, East Bay, Humboldt, Sacramento

The is an online dispensary membership that comes with wholesale prices for its members. This is similar to a costco membership, but with weed.  The membership will actually provide substantial savings on over 40 brands of cannabis products. Purchase a full gram Raw Garden cartridge for $45.00 out the door with the membership. The membership does cost $119 a year, but it will pay for itself back for heavy cannabis users. This is not a mail order dispensary, a schedule delivery will be made.

9. Purple Lotus San Jose

This is a must visit California Dispensary if your in San Jose. They have some of the best cannabis promotions in the Bay Area. This place has tablets with their menu that can be accessed while in line. The layout of this place is really thought out and modern. Find many popular cannabis brands in California here. This place has different savings available for almost every day of the week. Their happy hour allows their customers to save 20% off almost anything on their menu. 

10. Caliva 

caliva dispensary

The Caliva Dispensary in San Jose has a vast selection of premium cannabis brands available for sale. They also have a lot of affordable marijuana options for those on a budget. The artist Jay Z also joined this company as their chief brand strategist. This dispensary is backed by a total of 75 million dollars, from a group that includes Joe Mantana, and Formal Yahoo CEO,  Carol Bartz.

Their website has an order online and pick up option which is highly recommended to avoid long wait times in case they are busy. Their overall rating isn’t as good as the others on our list of best Dispensaries in California. Let us know if we’ve missed any worth mentioning dispensaries, and we will consider adding to our list.


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