Cannabis Before You Workout? 5 Reasons You Should Try It

5 Reasons You Should Take Cannabis Before You Workout


“Should you take cannabis before you workout,” the question that has the fitness industry buzzing right now.

If you yourself are a cannabis consumer who enjoys staying fit then this idea has likely crossed your mind.

Many gym enthusiasts have been turning to cannabis before working out instead of snorting pre workout and sending their heart to the moon.

  • However, is it really beneficial to consume cannabis before you hit the gym?
  • Are you preventing a solid workout with weed in your system?
  • Are the munchies you get counterproductive to a good workout?
  • And does cannabis put you in more of a risk of injury while lifting?

That’s what we’re going to answer today.

cannabis before you workout

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So without further adieu:

Should you take cannabis before your workout?

Cannabis consumption before working out has become highly debated in the fitness industry as legalization continues to spread through the world.

While some misguided misconceptions point to the lazy, slothlike effects that cannabis can cause, many researches point to the positive internal effects that THC and CBD can have on athletes.

However, before we get into the good news let’s talk about the bad news of taking cannabis before you workout.

Why you shouldn’t take cannabis before you workout.

Some of the common associations of cannabis to physical wellbeing are reaction time and pain based.

While cannabis may slow reaction time, you’re likely not going to be interacting in many workouts that require quick exercises of hand eye coordination.

On the other end, you are likely to engage in workouts that may strain or wear your muscles, causing pain in the areas you’re focusing on.

cannabis before you workout pain

While it may seem like a good idea to erase any pain while working out to keep your body going, this pain reaction is often helpful in preventing you from pushing too far and causing serious injury.

With that in mind, the pain numbing effect of cannabis may be counterintuitive.

Outside of those two things, there aren’t many negative side effects of taking cannabis before you workout.

Why you should take cannabis before you workout.

While every person is different and there are tons of different variables like the type of workout, the amount of cannabis, and your tolerance to both that can come into play.

Here are 5 reasons you should take cannabis before you workout.

Taking cannabis before you workout because of Stress

It’s no secret that cannabis has been, and continues to be, used by people to combat stress.

I don’t know about you, but that feeling of going to the gym after taking off a few months usually causes a stressful moment.

What if the machines aren’t open… What if I stand out like a sore thumb… What if I don’t even get a good workout?

cannabis before you workout stress

All of these wandering thoughts usually lead to a subpar workout.

However, by taking cannabis, you can use its stress reducing effects to your benefit and improve your time in the gym.

And, if you want to read more about treating deeper anxiety with cannabis, check out our article here: Cannabis for Anxiety: 5 Things You Need to Know.

Taking cannabis before you workout because of Recovery

Many athletes point towards cannabis as being the reason they can recover so quickly.

While this may be true and many signal its effects of anti inflammation, the fact is that cannabis does improve performance because of its vasodilator traits.

Meaning, the chemical compounds in cannabis help widen your arteries and improve blood flow. This prevents your muscles from tightening and your artery walls from tightening.

cannabis before you workout recovery

So, yes… taking cannabis before you workout can improve your recovery.

Taking cannabis before you workout because of Relaxation

If you’ve gotten injured during a workout at the gym before, it’s likely because you were lifting incorrectly.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me it’s usually because I’m tensed up and forcing a lift rather than naturally performing a movement.

That is why many turn towards cannabis before they workout to relax themselves.

While taking cannabis may reduce your max output and lift effort, it does provide a relaxing feeling that can positively impact the way you approach lifts.

Taking cannabis before you workout because of Concentration

If you’re a cannabis consumer and a runner, then you’re enjoying the best of both highs.

A lot of runners who feel the famous “runner’s high” get a jolt of endorphins during a long run that keep them focused and in a trance as their feet carry on forward.

Research from studies tested on runners with cannabis use, however, points to spikes in our own body’s endocannabinoids for the rush of a runner’s high.

cannabis before you workout runners high

Those endocannabinoids are similar to ones you may be familiar with like THC and CBD, however they’re produced within our own bodies.

Taking cannabis before you workout because of Diet

Many might associate cannabis use with the munchies and unhealthy diets, however you may be surprised to find out that top athletes use cannabis on a regular basis and still dominate their craft.

There’s countless examples from Josh Gordon, to Ricky Williams, to even Arnold Schwarzenegger who proudly consumes cannabis before workout, and even some before games.

cannabis before you workout pro atheletes

Well how can they do that and stay in shape?

Many athletes enjoy cannabis consumption around workouts because of the calorie free nature of the activity, so there isn’t wasted unneeded caloric intake.

And similar to the discipline it takes to get in the gym on a consistent basis, the same discipline gets brought into the kitchen.

Increased appetite, or the munchies, doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be satisfied with junk food.

If a proper diet is held, cannabis consumption can actually help with muscle and weight gain in a responsible way for those looking for growth post workout.

So no, taking cannabis before you workout will not make you fat.

Misconceptions of taking cannabis before you workout

Many people like to warn against cannabis consumption before a workout because of its testosterone inhibiting effects.

However this myth has been busted and proven inaccurate when it comes to analyzing testosterone levels.

Studies have shown that there is no statistically relevant change in testosterone production levels post cannabis consumption comparative to a person’s baseline testosterone production.

Meaning, taking cannabis before a workout will not lead to lower testosterone and lower muscular development.


While cannabis has become highly politicized and shamed in the media, this narrative has carried over into the fitness industry.

Many critics point to misinformed ideas of how cannabis can negatively impact your workouts if taken before you hit the gym.

However, the research behind taking cannabis before working out shows that the impact of THC and CBD on your body may have positive side effects.

This might make you put down that shaker bottle of blueberry heart attack and look towards cannabis for your next pre workout supplement.

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