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5 Reasons Why To Buy A Dab Pen In 2022


The Dab Pen continues to evolve, and we list the top 5 reasons why it’s a great buy! If you’re into vaping wax, you can save a lot of money with a Dab pen. Also referred to as the wax pen, its a portable vaporizer for cannabis extracts. The convenience of this wax vaporizer is what made it become so popular, and many companies have designed their own. We break down a list of the top 5 reasons why anybody into cannabis extracts should buy a dab pen.

5. Get More Sessions With Your Cannabis Extract

A dab pen gives you precise control over how much hash you want to vape in a session. A portable wax vaporizer will stretch your cannabis extract, and save you money while doing so. Not every dab pen will deliver the same results, however, there is now a ton of affordable and premium options available. The Dab Pen has improved the way we consume THC, and it well worth the investment.

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4. On Demand Hits 

Having a wax pen can become convenient when you don’t have time to roll a joint. The press of a button has replaced the lighter flame. It’s more practical to have a dab pen as opposed to a regular rolled up joint. It can really be time consuming having to roll up and than smoke. On demand hits from a Dab pen skips having to roll and spend a lot of time smoking afterwards.

3. Dab Pen Is More Discreet Vs Smoking Weed

Although there is still a familiar weed smell with certain types of hash, it’s still more discreet to use a dab pen than it is to smoke cannabis. The smell of burning weed is very strong and can be noticed for blocks down the street. However, vaping wax has a smell that does not last as long and isn’t as strong. The vapor disappears in seconds compared to how long the smoke will stick around. It also helps keep your air cleaner if you’re inside when using. 

2. Faster To Load Wax 

It’s much faster to fill up a dab pen with wax, and click a button. As opposed to rolling a joint, and lighting it up. It’s important you have a dab tool that can help you place sticky cannabis extract into your dab pen. Its possible to simply load up hash with your hands if it’s not too sticky. A shatter that has been purged sufficiently will be perfect for molding into tiny balls, and loading up into a dab pen.

1. Portable Wax Vaporizers Save Money Vaping

dab pens

The number one reason why to buy a wax pen on our is it saves a lot of money. It really doesn’t take a lot of cannabis extract for someone to get high. Using a dab pen will help you spend less money. We recommend buying a good brand wax pen from brands that are reputable. We highly recommend the Puffco Plus Pen, a portable cannabis extract vaporizer. This vape pen has great efficiently vaping any type of hash. There are many more great dab pens sold at Vaporizerchief.com with similar efficiency. 



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