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5 Reasons Why To Buy A Dab Pen In 2020 - Cannabis Tutorials

5 Reasons Why To Buy A Dab Pen In 2020


The Dab Pen continues to evolve, and we list the top 5 reasons why it’s a great buy! If your into vaping wax, you can save a lot of money with a Dab pen. Also referred to as the wax pen, its a portable vaporizer for cannabis extracts. The convenience of this wax vaporizer is what made it become so popular, and many companies have designed their own. We break down a list of the top 5 reasons why anybody into cannabis extracts should buy a dab pen.

5. Get More Sessions With Your Cannabis Extract

A dab pen gives you precise control over how much hash you want to vape in a session. A portable wax vaporizer will stretch your cannabis extract, and save you money while doing so. Not every dab pen will deliver the same results, however, there is now a ton of affordable and premium options available. The Dab Pen has improved the way we consume THC, and it well worth the investment.

4. On Demand Hits 

Having a wax pen can become convenient when you don’t have time to roll a joint. The press of a button has replaced the lighter flame. It’s more practical to have a dab pen as opposed to a regular rolled up joint. It can really be time consuming having to roll up and than smoke. On demand hits from a Dab pen skips having to roll and spend a lot of time smoking afterwards.

3. Dab Pen Is More Discreet Vs Smoking Weed

Although there is still a familiar weed smell with certain types of hash, it’s still more discreet to use a dab pen than it is to smoke cannabis. The smell of burning weed is very strong and can be noticed for blocks down the street. However, vaping wax has a smell that does not last as long and isn’t as strong.

2. Faster To Load Wax 

It’s much faster to fill up a dab pen with wax, and click a button. As opposed to rolling a joint, and lighting it up. It’s important you have a dab tool that can help you place sticky cannabis extract into your dab pen. Its possible to simply load up hash with your hands if it’s not too sticky. A shatter that has been purged sufficiently will be perfect for molding into tiny balls, and loading up into a dab pen.

1. Portable Wax Vaporizers Save Money Vaping

dab pens

The number one reason why to buy a wax pen on our is it saves a lot of money. It really doesn’t take a lot of cannabis extract for someone to get high. Using a dab pen will help you spend less money. We recommend buying a good brand wax pen from brands that are reputable. We highly recommend the Puffco Plus Pen, a portable cannabis extract vaporizer. This vape pen has great efficiently vaping any type of hash. There are many more great dab pens sold at with similar efficiency. 



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