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5 Best Smoking Spots in Portland


Oregon is known for their weed. Last year, we even heard they had so much weed that prices for a gram were dropping significantly. Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and it’s filled with cannabis users. We hit up a local to find the 5 best smoking spots in Portland.

5 Best Smoking Spots in Portland

1. Tryon Creek State Natural Area

Closest Dispensary: Marijuana Paradise – 9663 SW Barbur Blvd.

Smoking spots in Portland

                                                                                               Courtesy of stateparks.oregon.gov

Oregon has some of the densest forests in the continental United States. A great example of that is Tryon Creek. It is located in southern Portland. It hosts an 8-mile hiking trail that lets you experience all of the nature, and wildlife Tryon has to offer. This park also has eight different bridges you can walk over and a wetland boardwalk! You can also visit the nature center to learn everything you can before taking a stroll through here and smoking some weed. This is our favorite smoking spot in Portland.

2. Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Closest Dispensary: Little Amsterdam Wellness Center – 7035 S Macadam Ave

Smoking spots in Portland

                                                             Courtesy of oregonhikers.org

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge is the place to go for any stoner looking for scenery and a good toke. This is 141 acres of wetland and forest and is home to hundreds of different animals. A popular pastime here is birding and wildlife photography. You can also take a little hike on their 3.8-mile hiking trail. Oaks bottom is also located right next to the Oaks Amusement Park, so once you’re done smoking a bowl in the woods, head over to the amusement park to ride a few rides! This is definitely one of the top smoke spots in Portland.

3. Oregon Zoo

Closest Dispensary: Zion Cannabis – 2331 SW 6th Ave.

The Oregon Zoo is the “Wildest Place in Oregon”! It’s 64-acres that’s just meant to be discovered. There are 23 specialized exhibits that give visitors a very unique look at the wildlife. There are also over 2,500 animals representing 215 species at this zoo. The Oregon Zoo also has over 1,000 different plants that help make the pathways and walking areas. You can also get a peek at some of these plants in the botanical garden.Here you’ll need to use some of our favorite weed gadgets to sneak by.

4. Powell Butte Nature Park

Closest Dispensary: Exodus Wellness Center and Social Club

This Nature Park will give every stoner a one in a lifetime experience mixed with the most amazing views. This 611-acre park includes some of the Boring Volcanos, which is part of the Boring Volcano Fields. The volcanic soil gives this park green and luscious meadowlands and forests. From Powell Butte Nature Park, you can also view the famous Mt Saint Helens and Mt Rainier. There’s nothing like smoking a bowl while taking in the mountains. This is a huge nature park, so a bong is much more acceptable. Checkout our favorite bongs.

5. Smith and Bybee Wetlands

Closest Dispensary: Oregon House of Herbs – 8105 N Fessenden

The Smith and Bybee Wetlands is Oregon’s best-kept secret. This 2,000-acre park is perfect for anyone looking to smoke a bowl on the water while kayaking or canoeing. There is also a 1.6-mile hiking trail that gives hikers a great view of the wetlands. Smith and Bybee Wetlands is also known as one of Oregon’s premier bird-watching parks with hundreds of species visiting the wetlands all the time. This is a great place to toke up and enjoy some nature.

That concludes our list of the 5 best smoking spots in Portland Oregon. Please share your other spots in the comments, or keep them secret like all the other stoners out there;)




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