How To Find the Perfect Cannabis Scale -

How To Find the Perfect Cannabis Scale


What is the best Cannabis scale that money can buy? If you know anything about scales, then you know how hard it can be to find a reliable one. There are so many options for scales that it can be hard to determine which one you specifically need that is also dependable. We recommend scales used for jewelry and measure weigh in 0.1 grams.

Scales can be fickle devices if not developed correctly, making the numbers off and you with incorrect information. Yes, most scales have a “calibrate” option, but that won’t fix the problem if there is something wrong with the integrity of the scale.

Cheap Cannabis Scales

That’s why, even though a cheap $5 scale is tempting, you should always look for something with some long-term potential that also fits your needs. There are scales that only weigh in pounds, some in ounces, and others that can weigh .00001 of an ounce. It just depends what kind of things you need to weigh on a daily basis.

Best Digital Scale For Cannabis

Another factor is whether you would like digital or not. A digital scale is of course easier to read, but it is easier to off-set. For example, a scale with a low battery will read weight incorrectly. So make sure if you purchase a digital scale, to keep an eye on the battery life of the device. However, a digital scale is usually the best option, since it is easier to read and manage for small increments of weight.

Also make sure to consider the size of the actual scale. It would be silly to purchase a large scale if only measuring small amounts of product, and ridiculous to weigh large products on small scales. If you regularly switch between the two, try to purchase two scales, one that is meant for smaller amounts and one for larger. However, there are some scales that can be great for both too.

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