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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell


For the real fans of the puff-puff-pass in a group session, weed doesn’t only make them feel euphoric but also gives them the peculiar smell that sticks for a considerably long time. Things are even worse for those who love hot boxing their car and drive around with their smoking buddies as they get high. Such conditions leave every thread of their attire reeking of smell that only gets worse when mixed with colognes and sprays. When you’re done smoking weed, it’s time to get rid of weed smell.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Weed Smell

If you are still wondering as to how to get rid of weed smell, here are some of the most effective and cheap ways to keep that smell at bay without lessening the fun:


1. Using a Smoke Trap


The most reliable means of eliminating weed smell would be to use a smoke trap. Its advantages include:

  • It never lets the smell out of its efficient filter in the first place, i.e., it blocks the odor
  • No fancy scents mean that no one will ever know that there was a cover-up attempt
  • It is easier to carry

Its long-lasting filter doesn’t require replacement now and then. You can share it with your puff pals without being frugal as its high-quality filter has been tested to last for up to 300 and more puffs. This is by far our favorite way. get rid of weed smell

2. Scented candles

Set the mood right with scented candles that don’t only help you to feel relaxed, but also dimly illuminate the room for a smoking session while giving off a sweet scent throughout. They don’t cost a lot and can act as good ornaments.

3.  Incense

Follow the hippies! Incense, especially the ones that have an Arabic scent, will help the smoking room smell great. The incense smoke can spread faster through space and amalgamate into the surrounding drapes and other room coverings, keeping away the bad smell of weed for a long time.

4. Let the air in

If you are smoking in your car, open up the AC vents and roll down the windows to the lowest level to let the fresh air take care of the weed smell. The same formula can be applied to indoor smoke settings. As a general rule, the better the ventilation of the area, the faster the smell dissipates without having to spend a single penny on additional means.

5. Electric air fresheners

An air freshener spray could be dangerous to use in a room with lighters and other sources of flame. Also, the spray makes it evident that someone has been trying to cover up a smell. Using plug-in air fresheners that periodically emit aerosols of scent, work more effectively and efficiently in making the room smell better.

Get Rid of Weed Smell

The HEPA filter is useful in even entrapping any small particles that might otherwise stain your linen. If you are a believer in sustainability, then this Smoke Trap is the only answer to your question about how to get rid of weed smell, as no trees are harmed during its production, and the lack of filter replacement means lesser waste.



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