Ouid Meaning and Origin Story | 3 Things You Didn't Know

Ouid Meaning and Origin Story: The Truth


What does ouid mean?

Ouid is slang for the word weed. This name originates from the french pronunciation of “oui” which means “yes” in french. When you pronounce it “wee” and add a “d” the word now sounds like “weed”. Or, as most people know it, Ouid is a Tiktok term turned Viral.

Most people started seeing this term used across social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram in 2020 and 2021. Ouid was used as a way to hide the actual meaning behind a post or video on platforms that normally censor “weed” content.

Teenagers always find a way to rebel through a loophole and they did it again with this term. Ouid meaning is still widely used but the platforms have grown to understand its meaning and remove the content from the platform.

Still, people find ways to rip and blend the original word into new things to prevent the platforms from censoring all cannabis content.

Ouid Meaning:

Slang term for weed. Ouid was first used by TikTokers as a way to hide from the platform’s censorship. #ouid

Ouid Used in a Sentence:

If you’ve never tried this ouid, you will have the most munchies of your entire life after smoking it.

Ouid tiktok

Ouid Meaning Evolution

Ouid will continue to evolve as a way to beat platform censorship. Along the way it ropes in millions of people educating them on the actual meaning.

Almost like a viral marketing campaign, words that get morphed into new meanings are remembered at a higher rate, increasing the rate at which it spreads and is talked about by the masses.

For example, oui’d started getting used to replace ouid as a way to beat the platforms censorship after they caught on to the original.

Even older adults started to question the meaning of Ouid as they began seeing it everywhere. That’s when you know it has really spread!

As it spreads the usefulness of the term decreases for those that created it, but increases for those that caught on late. You won’t see as many videos and social posts using it as a hashtag anymore.

Ouid meaning was mainly used as a hashtag to group these posts into one category. This made it incredibly easy for people to sort and find the entire section of cannabis without struggling to search through the platforms attempting to keep cannabis off of them.

Genius…I agree. #ouid

Sometimes teenagers come up with genius ideas. If you can pick up on these trends early enough, there’s a lot to capitalize on as a brand. This is how the hashtag is used in posts.


Ouid Meaning Alternatives

Yes, there are other meanings to the term “ouid.” One definition is “a unit of information storage in a computer that can store up to 65,536 bytes.” Another definition is “a pseudorandom number generator based on a cryptographic hash function.” But, of course the most common ouid meaning is our dame Mary Jane.

Ouid Tutorials

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