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Over 5000 Marijuana Seeds For Sale From Reputable Breeders


There sure is a ton of different places that have marijuana seeds for sale online. However, what’s the best place online to buy cannabis seeds? This review is on Seed-city.com, a cannabis seed bank that has been in business for over a decade, and has over 5000 pot seeds for sale right now. Besides a vast amount of different cannabis seeds, they also have an impressive selection of well known breeders. Find famous strains from California available in seed form such as the Girl Scouts Cookies strain, Wedding Cake, Durban Poison,  and many others. 

High Times Seeds For Sale

cannabis cup strain seeds for sale

This online cannabis seedbank has a dark and outdated website theme, but their inventory is premium and affordable. Even if you live in California, the selection of clones available nearby will be limited. The same holds true with cannabis seeds for sale in California. As somebody who lives in the Bay Area, the amount of clones available near by can not compete with the selection of marijuana seeds for sale online. This vast selection of different pot seeds can be overwhelming to someone new to growing weed. However, they also have a category of marijuana strains that have taken victories in the Cannabis Cup. Check out these High Times Seeds for sale, and grow some of the best cannabis strains known to mankind. 

Raw Garden Cannabis Strain Seeds

We knew this seed bank was quality when we discovered they had the same cannabis breeder which provides seeds to Raw Garden. The Raw Garden brand has become famous in California for its award winning THC cartridges. Anybody who wants to experience the same strains that is being used in Raw Garden cartridges can do so by buying the seeds on Seed-City.com. Find the same marjiuana seeds online from Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank, available on seed-city.com. They also have an impressive Instagram page which shows you their dank strains produced from their seeds. 

Best Place To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

best place to buy cannabis seeds online

We encourage you to do your own research about Seed-city.com, and start with their Trust Pilot reviews. They have nothing less than outstanding reviews left from people who purchased marjiuana seeds from them. We encourage you to compare there reviews with other places online selling cannabis seeds. Seed-city.com currently has a 5 star overall rating on their trust pilot page, and this is from 430 reviews total. They have earned this feedback by demonstrating outstanding customer support and authentic cannabis strains with their seeds. 


Mail order cannabis is easy with Seed-city.com, and they will ship to most of the world. Find many Cannabis strains from California, Oregon, Colorado, Netherlands, and many other places around the world. Buy cannabis seeds online with confidence, and know exactly the strain your going to get without a doubt. Buying marijuana seeds online requires an amount of trust that Seed-city.com has earned, and it can be seen with the many positive reviews.


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