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Top Smell Proof Backpacks in 2022


Buying anything smell proof can be a crap shoot.  That’s why we reviewed a bunch of the top smell proof backpacks. Tons of backpacks claim they are fully smell proof but not all actually are. You never really know what you’re going to get.

Smell proof bags are hard and expensive to make. Materials need to be high quality and zippers need to fully close. On top of that most people who are looking for smell proof bags also want these bags to lock. Usually this is a backpack you don’t want just anybody to open up;) Whether that’s to prevent a child from opening it or from preventing your items from getting stolen a backpack that locks is nice to have.

We’re not going to bore you with all the bad backpacks.

Here’s our top smell proof backpacks in 2022

Dime Bags Transporter

Smell proof backpacks use different techniques to make them smell proof. Dime Bags Omerta Transporter uses an activated carbon lining to give you extra protection. This activated carbon lining helps to eat up any odor that might try to find its way out. This feature can lose a bit of its functionality over time but can always be reactivated. In order to reactivate it, simply throw the bag in your dryer for 15 minutes so the carbon layer can heat up again.

This backpack comes packed with double zippered locks on the main compartment. With 9 compartments and even a secret zippered pocket, this backpack is really nice to have with you when you want to keep the smells inside. 

smell proof backpacks

This backpack costs a pretty penny but that’s because it comes packed with durability and cool features. It’s also one of the most reviews smell proof backpacks out there. If you’re looking for a top smell proof backpack, then look no further. We use this bag when we are around town or traveling.

Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack

Known for their amazing grinders, Cali Crusher has been a trusted brand in the cannabis space for decades. When you ask anyone about a trusted brand in this space, Cali Crusher always comes up. They’ve done it again with this smell proof backpack.

This backpack uses activated carbon and a combo lock to hold all your valuable items safely inside. 100% smell proof is a hard thing to do, but Cali Crusher has mastered it. Water resistant and weatherproof, this backpack is much cheaper than most on the market. Cali Crusher’s biggest customers are the headiest in the industry. When a brand has been around for so long it tends to be that way.

Cali crusher locking zipper Cali Crusher smell proof backpack

This bag is perfect for adventures and we really love the dark green color option. It’s also a lot cheaper than the Dime Bags Transporter. If you’re looking for a bag you can take on a hike and get dirty without worrying then this bag is for you.  It’s a lot cheaper so we tend to use this for any outdoor adventures where we might get the pack dirty and wet.

Top Smell Proof Backpacks Conclusion

Everyone loves to have a go to backpack. For my entire life I’ve always had my go to bags for any trip. A backpack is maybe the most important go to bag you can have. It’s extremely easy to take on the go and you can pack it in minutes. Two or three days weekend trips almost always require a backpack like these. Nowadays hotels and air bnb’s almost always have rules against using cannabis inside. The best way to prevent them from knowing right away is with a smell proof backpack. The second best way is to make sure you pack a sploof. 

I’d love to know what your favorite backpack features are. Let me know if I missed on any cool features. Please share these backpacks in the comments below and I will update the article if you drop in any of your favorite backpacks that we test and love. The goal here is to have the comments be a forum, where anyone can share their favorite backpacks as well.


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