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Top 10 Best Cannabis Jobs In California For 2022


Wondering what the best cannabis jobs are in California? Cannabis jobs have surged in California after the law legalized it for recreational use. A lot of the cannabis careers in California do not require much experience, and pay above the national average per hour.  We take a look at the best paying cannabis careers and listed them below in no particular order. There was a report from leafly that identified 210,000 full time marijuana jobs in the United States in 2019. 

We took the time to take a closer look at the most listed cannabis jobs online in the Bay Area. 

10. Budtender Job

Unlike with alcohol, your not going to need any license to become a budtender. Although, it’s part of the job to be able to provide recommendations on medical cannabis for customers. A budtenders role is to provide customers with suggestions on strains. They also show customers bud, and play the role of the cashier too. Other tasks of the Budtender include driving up sales, and providing outstanding customer service. 

The budtender in the Bay Area is being paid on average between $15-$19.

budtender jobs

9. Brand Ambassador 

This job is very dynamic and requires a person who is great at socializing. The primary role of a Brand Ambassador is to produce awareness about the cannabis company. Brand Ambassadors typically will provide demos of cannabis products inside of a dispensary. They are also at cannabis events such as Music festivals such as Outsidelands. 

A lot of driving will be involved, so it’s essential to have a clean driving background for this cannabis career. The typical pay for a cannabis brand Ambassador job is on average $15-$25 in the Bay Area. The cannabis company Kurvana currently has a job listing on indeed for a Brand Ambassador, and they are offering $18-21 an hour. The person they are looking for should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, their job listing is also asking for excellent communication skills.

brand ambassador

8. Delivery Driver Is The Best Cannabis Job For Those Who Love To Drive

What was once an illegal activity has now become a legal job in California that’s paying above the minimum wage. The primary job duties for this cannabis job is picking up cannabis inventory and dropping it off to customers. Some of these delivery driver positions offer perks such as discounts on products. Most of these driving positions will not allow people with a DUI or even reckless driving on their record. This job does not require any previous cannabis experience, and it’s a great way to get your foot into the door in this industry. 

This cannabis job pays on average $15-$20 in the bay area, and tips are additional possible income too.cannabis delivery driver jobs

7. Security 

Its standard for cannabis dispensaries to have security, and it’s not to break up any fights with people because they are too high. There is typically a lot of cash flow occurring in a dispensary, thus the need for security to prevent a robbery is needed. The cannabis itself is worth a lot of money in the streets too. There are dispensaries that have armed security guards, and others with unarmed. Expect to make anywhere from $15-$25 an hour depending if your armed or not. 

6. Packaging

There are many cannabis processing and packaging jobs available in California since it’s been legalized for recreational use. This cannabis job requires weighing cannabis and packaging it. Adding labels to the packaging can be another part of the job too.  We found a job listing on indeed for packaging cannabis infused edibles. The pay rate for packaging cannabis products range from $15-$18 an hour in the Bay Area.

5. Trimmer

Those who used to trim cannabis at hideouts can now put their trimming skills to use at legal grow operations. The pay for a good trimmer in California averages $20 an hour. This will require some real physical labor on the hands, and will require long hours. This type of work is very tedious, and one post is asking a minimum of being able to trim 450 grams a day. This type of cannabis job is not for everyone and requires already knowing how to trim, and do so at a fast pace.

4. Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

Growing cannabis itself is a job of its own. There are various cultivation job listings on indeed in the Bay Area. Somebody with a deep knowledge on the full process of growing cannabis can expect to make upwards of $70,000 a year in the Bay Area. We found a company in Oakland offering $65-$70k. We found that a lot of cannabis cultivation job listings on indeed didn’t share how much they were paying.

3. Accounting 

There is a lot of money that’s passing through dispensaries, and this money will require an accountant to help keep track of it all. We found that a cannabis account job pays upwards of $80,000 in the Bay Area.

2. Marijuana Warehouse Job

cannabis warehouse job

There are plenty of cannabis warehouse jobs available in the Bay Area. Large cannabis companies need help distributing their products to all of their clients such as dispensaries and cannabis delivery companies. The pay for a cannabis warehouse job in San Francisco is $22 an hour for the company Filigreen.

1. Cannabis Marketing Jobs

The cannabis industry has plenty of different types of marketing jobs available. A comprehension of social media marketing and search engine optimization are some requirements on job postings found online in the Bay Area. A social media manager can expect to earn anywhere on average from $15-$20 an hour. 

Do You Have A Cannabis Job?

Let us know in the comments if we forgot to list a cannabis job worth mentioning. Also please share with us your own experience working in the cannabis industry. Please share your thoughts on what you believe are some of the current best cannabis jobs available, and why? The cannabis industry is still new and many new industries such as cannabis extracts has exploded, and with that many new jobs related to it. As more states continue to legalize cannabis, a vast amount of jobs will follow.


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