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Top 3 Reasons You Need a T-Break


Before we get into the reasons you need a t-break, let’s break down this innovative stoner development.

In a world of self indulgence it’s a rare thing for us to separate ourselves from the things we love.

If we like a show we binge it. If we like a snack, the bag is empty within minutes.

However, and this is true in relationships, nothing could be more true than the idea that distance makes the hard grow fonder.

And with cannabis, if you know how to do a t-break, it makes the high feel better.

The idea of separating yourself from cannabis for a period of time in order to reduce your tolerance and increase the effects of the next high is what we’re diving into today.

Not only will taking a t-break make your next high worthwhile, but it’ll also help you save a little money along the way.

However, if you’re here for a different reason other than taking a break, and are looking to pass an upcoming drug test, then check out our guide here on: How to Pass a Drug Test: 5 Tips and Tricks to Get you Through.

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reasons to t-break how to

What is a T-Break

A t-break, or tolerance break, in its simplest form is a break from consuming cannabis to give your body a break and bring balance back to its tolerance to THC.

Taking one more step further into “what is a t-break” it is manually resetting your brain’s cannabinoid receptors that have built up a tolerance to THC, thus requiring more and more to get the high sensation.

Our brains have CB receptors that interact with endocannabinoid systems to control our mind body relationship.

reasons to t-break cannabis receptors

When consuming cannabis, the THC introduces an overload of cannabinoids that our brain treats as natural endocannabinoids but are much higher than the natural amount usually present.

Over time and with more cannabis consumption on the regular, our brain introduces more CB receptors to take on the high amounts of cannabinoids being introduced to our system.

What this does, is provide more of a system to handle the cannabis introduction to our body, thus preventing the overload we normally experience, and thus slowly preventing the same high feeling with the same amount of cannabis.

In short:

  • Cannabis overloads our brain receptors and causes a high feeling.
  • With more usage overtime our brain adapts and prevents the overload
  • Thus with more frequent use comes less high

And that my friends is where the birth of the t-break comes from.

If our brains slowly adapt towards preventing cannabinoid overload, then surely we can have it adapt to less cannabinoids being in our system.

Right? Right.

What is a t-break? It is a manual reset to our brain’s ability to prevent cannabinoid overload, aka the feeling of being high from consuming cannabis.

Origin of the T-Break

It’s not certain who developed the method of the t-break that we know and love today, however research around the subject has picked up heavily over the last several years.

Back in 2015 a study helped identify the time needed for a proper t-break.

How Long Should a T-Break Be

While many believe that 21 days or 3 weeks is the proper time for a t-break to allow for cannabis to leave your system.

reasons to t-break how long

The aforementioned study indicates that within 48 hours our endocannabinoid receptors have already begun to reset themselves.

Therefore, although you might want to give it more time for good measure, when thinking how to do a t-break you should position no less than 48 hours worth of time.

Reasons you should do a T-Break

1. Reasons You Need a T-Break: Improved high

One of, if not the most important reason you need a t-break, is to improve your experience using cannabis.

To improve your high, and technically scale back your brain’s tolerance.

The more and more you chase your last high the more likely your tolerance is to increase, meaning the harder to catch it will be.

When thinking about why to take a t-break just remember the pot of gold at the end of that sober rainbow.

reasons to t-break high

2. Reasons You Need a T-Break: Save money

Now I know this might be confusing, but follow me here.

Cannabis costs money, but when you don’t use cannabis you don’t buy cannabis, and when you don’t buy cannabis you don’t use money.

Now I know this is an oversimplification, but when you step back it makes a lot of sense.

And saves you some cents as well.

If you need more and more cannabis to be able to get high because your tolerance is at heightened levels, then that means you need to purchase and consume more than you necessarily need to.

If you bring back down your tolerance with a t-break then you’re not only saving during the break itself, but also in the weeks moving forward, because your tolerance levels will require less cannabis.

3. Reasons You Need a T-Break: Homeostasis

No this is not your homie Stacey.

Homeostasis is another way to say ‘business as usual,’ as in, your body is performing as it should be.

When our endocannabinoid system is out of whack it can cause issues down the line related to sleep, pain, and stress.

reasons to t-break homeostasis

So, resetting your endocannabinoid system with a tolerance break is a great reason to take a t-break and get your body back to baseline.

Reasons NOT to do a T-Break

You may be asking yourself, “do I really need a t-break?” And if you are, then the answer is likely Yes.

However, here are some basic diagnostics I would run when thinking about whether or not you should take a tolerance break.

If your high is maintained without increased consumption of cannabis, then you’re likely not running into an issue with your brain combatting the THC cannabinoids.

If you aren’t having any increased issues with sleep or anxiety, then you’re likely not causing irregularities in your endocannabinoids system.

If both of those are in check, then you should be fine to do without a t-break and continue consuming as you wish.

How to do a T-Break

Taking a tolerance break might seem like a scary mission to embark on, but the goal at the end is well worth the journey.

So here are some tips for your next t-break to make the time pass without any angst or anxiety.

  • Walk it back in waves. Instead of going cold turkey work back from an eight, to a session, to a hit, until you’ve reached a tolerable point of breaking.
  • If you’re struggling with sleep during your t-break, look into natural supplements such as melatonin or chamomile tea
  • Workout! Getting a few workouts in helps get the THC out of your body, distract your mind, and also fatigue your body.
  • How to handle emotions during a t-break. If you use cannabis to cope with a lot of day to day life, then during a t-break try implementing an RET technique when situations irritate or overwhelm you.


We’ll finish our discussions of how to do a t-break and the main reasons you need to t-break with where we started.

Separation makes the heart grow fonder.

And with cannabis, quite literally, separation makes the brain less tolerant and the high much better.

So if you’re looking to save a little money, reset your body’s system, and improve your high then consider taking a t-break.

And if you’re looking for more general information on how cannabis affects our mind, body, and soul check out our full list of cannabis tutorials here.


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