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Best Stash Boxes For Any Budget


Struggling to find a spot to store your nug? Stash boxes are usually the best solution to storing your weed. We’ve reviewed tons of stash boxes in all different shapes and sizes. From high tech stash boxes to simple stash boxes and even stash boxes on amazon. Cool stash boxes can be hard to come by so we wanted to put together the best stash boxes for you. 

Higher End Stash Boxes

Apothecary Humidity Controlled Locking Box : $259

Apothecary makes some of the best smoking accessories on the market. Their high end box is one of those. This temperature controlled stash box doubles as a humidor. The humidity controlled system keeps your nug at the perfect temperature so it always stays stickey and fresh. Sometimes weed can get moldy, which is why humidity is an important factor to consider. If you are planning on keeping your nug for a while, make sure you are using a humidity controlled stash box like this one. 

The apothecary box also locks. This is crucial for anyone around children or if you are worried about your housemate snagging some of your weed. It also comes with a full suite of storing tools. 4 glass jars with labels, 8 humidity controlled packes, and 4 concentrate jars with a special coating to prevent the concentrate from sticking. 

A wooden rolling tray along with some other accessories also come with this elite stash box. 

RYOT Wood Box : $118, $250

RYOT stands for roll your own tobacco. This company has been around for quite some time now and were one of the first weed storage boxes to really sell. They have a few variations of the Stash Box. We would consider these mid and high tier options depending on what you want to spend. This at home smoking station comes equipped with 2 way humidity control. 

RYOT Stash box

The more expensive version comes with a locking feature as well. It also comes with the jars and other RYOT accessories that everyone knows and loves. The complete stash box is a great deal if you are looking for all the smoking accessories as well. 

Myster Magnetic Stash and Rolling Kit : $120-170

Myster makes some amazing products. They have their design line dialed in and all their smoking accessories fit in together. This high end tray gives you an expert joint rolling station. From the 4 piece grinder, to the metal rolling tray, to the metal asher, this setup is for those who really love to roll joints and blunts

Myster Stash Box

The magnets ensure your accessories stay hooked to the stash tray and won’t move around or fall off. This set comes fully equipped with all the accessories you need and is packaged up into a slick metal stash box. 

Cheap Storage Boxes

Raw $45

On the cheaper side, the Raw Stash Box is perfect for storing all your small smoking and rolling accessories. This low tech box is perfect for someone looking for a cheaper option. Raw produces some of the best rolling papers on the planet and their box is very similar. This thing can fit your doob tube, lighter, rolling papers, crutches, and the rest of your rolling accessories. 

This storage box isn’t well designed to keep your nug fresh for long periods of time. If you get this, make sure your weed is stored inside a glass jar and then placed in the Raw Stash box. You won’t want to keep your nug in this box without some extra protection. 

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  1. While the exact contents are open to interpretation, a stash box is simply a container for storing marijuana and its accessories in a place that isn’t completely obvious to others. Many people use them for storing flower or extracts. Keeping a pipe, dab tools, or lighters on hand is common as well.